• Brock Lesnar requested to have him work with the Big Show and it became a hit for the fans
  • Lesnar is the current WWE champion and will face Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania 36
  • Big Show’s last appearance was at RAW when he joined Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens

The World’s Largest Athlete won’t be the celebrity that he is right now if not for someone who took a chance of working with him during his early WWE career.

According to SportsKeeda, The Big Show shared that he is not being given enough looks to be a potential star in the WWE if not because of Brock Lesnar. On the “After The Bell” podcast, he revealed that it was the “Beast Incarnate” made a request to have him work alongside the seven-footer during as he was still starting to make his mark in pro wrestling in 2002.

During that year, Show isn’t a main-event caliber wrestler and was not even involved in storylines worthy of being the main event until he and Lesnar met face to face and their tussle was a hit for the fans. The result of the match made his handler Paul Heyman to request the management that the two work together for more storylines.

“I remember hearing the story that they were asking Brock (about) his next opponent, and he goes, ‘I wanna work with Show. He’s a giant, he can work,” said show to Cory Graves in his show.

The decision of Brock working with him is out of his belief that WWE is sleeping on him and is not utilizing him right. A seven-foot 500-pound man is not being treated right by the company and Brock requested to have him work with him to raise his stocks and to show that he is worthy of being one of the main protagonists in the business.

“Brock and I started working and tearing the house down and it changed a lot of people’s perceptions of who I was as a talent and who I was as an individual, and I really owe that break to have them re-look at me and it’s because of Brock,” Show said.

One of their most memorable match-ups was in 2003 when Brock suplexes Big Show, when the former was sitting on top of the turnbuckle and the ring collapsed as both bodies fell to the center of the ring. The force they have created broke the ring post to the delight of the Smackdown crowd.

Right now, Lesnar is still the current WWE Champion and is set to face Royal Rumble winner Drey McIntyre to defend his title. The Big Show, on the other hand, last appeared on RAW earlier this year as a tag team partner of Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens against Seth Rollins and AOP.

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Big Show has been in WWE since 1999. Getty