• David Otunga pulled out a prank with his son David, Jr. on April Fools Day
  • Otunga is doing color commentary occasionally for the WWE
  • Outside wrestling, he is a professional lawyer

It’s been a tradition for almost everybody to throw in some pranks or jokes every time April 1 is on the calendar – and April Fools Day is something that the people could laugh things out. At this point, not a lot of people are in the mood of doing so due to the events that have been happening lately, particularly with the issue surrounding the coronavirus outbreak in the entire world.

Several celebrities from different industries had their share of the tradition but the one that former WWE star David Otunga may be the most compelling one.

The former wrestler shared on his social media the prank that he pulled out – spreading a fake poop out of melted chocolate on to his son’s hand. The prank happened when the former member of The Nexus asked for toilet paper when he intentionally had the chocolate stick on to his son’s hand.

His son, David, Jr. freaked out to the delight of his father, who is uncontrollably laughing in the background.

During his tenure with WWE, Otunga has become a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion – one with John Cena and another one with Michael McGillicutty, now known as Curtis Axel. He had his final in-ring match in 2015 in a loss to R-Truth.

Otunga was introduced to the WWE during the inaugural season of NXT in 2010 and later made their main roster debut on RAW a part of The Nexus with Wade Barrett, Darren Young, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield (Ryback), Heath Slater, and Daniel Bryan.

He also portrayed as former WWE RAW GM John Laurinaitis’ legal advisor, making use of his law background. He graduated from Harvard Law School and is a professional lawyer outside wrestling. The 39-year old Otunga been doing non-competing roles since 2015 and is occasionally doing broadcasting duties doing color commentary.

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