• Andrade is the reigning United States Champion of the WWE
  • Andrade recently feuded with WWE legend Rey Mysterio 
  • Andrade is reportedly written off the story for a recent Wellness Policy violation

The current United States Champion Andrade will be suspended by the WWE for failing a drug test. As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, the Mexican wrestler was unable to pass the WWE wellness policy for a currently unknown substance.

His suspension will be announced on the WWE website in the coming days as an official announcement from the company. This isn’t the first time the WWE has suspended their superstars in action. The policy is taken seriously and has recently pulled out Primo Colon and the glorious Bobby Roode leaving them sidelined out of action. Bobby Roode has already made his return to the ring and is competing after his 30-day suspension.

Andrade recently came from an exciting ladder match against Rey Mysterio. In a match that included several spots excited the crowd and saw Andrade eventually winning the match.

In an attempt to continue kayfabe, Andrade was placed in a feud with Humberto Carillo.

In the most recent episode of Raw, the two were involved in a one-on-one title match. It ended with Zelina Vega interrupting and causing Carillo the United States Championship. In retaliation, Carillo then took Andrade out of the ring, removed the floor padding and drilled him straight to the concrete floor with a hammerlock DDT.

This should fall into the flow of the story as the writers can write him off in the interim. Andrade is considered as one of the more exciting superstars in the WWE roster. He was included in the WWE draft that sent him to Raw after making his debut stint in Smackdown.

Prior to competing in the WWE, Andrade was a luchador in Mexico as he would wrestle wearing a mask. He made his jump into the WWE by signing a developmental contract with NXT.

He was given the name Andrade “Cien” Almas during his stint until his debut in the main roster. It was only recently where his ring name was shortened to Andrade and has been on a meteoric rise – beating Rey Mysterio for his first-ever United States Championship. Being sidelined as the champion will serve as a brief setback for Andrade. 

WWE The WWE logo hangs on a wall at a media conference announcing the all-star lineup of WWE WrestleMania XIX at ESPN Zone in Times Square in New York City, March 18, 2003. Photo: Mark Mainz/Getty Images