• AEW executive Jim Ross revealed he is signing a football player dubbed as "The Second Brock Lesnar"
  • Ross hinted that the new Lesnar will be signed via a big money deal
  • Ross revealed how WWE CEO Vince McMahon was convinced to sign the real Lesnar

AEW executive Jim Ross is reportedly signing a football player dubbed as “the second Brock Lesnar.”

In his stellar career, Lesnar has been one of the biggest names in the history of WWE. Though Lesnar would often have his name linked with the MMA, specifically the UFC, he is still managed to have a steady and good relationship with WWE.

Much like the WWE, All Elite Wrestling or simply AEW, is now starting to establish their promotion in the industry. The company’s talent relations executive Ross, has been keen on recruiting unique and fresh talents. And just recently, Ross dropped a big revelation on Twitter by announcing that AEW has been keeping an eye on a massive football player earning comparison with Lesnar.

Ross has hinted that AEW will be signing football player named Parker Boudreaux, a man previously described as the "second coming of Brock Lesnar” or “new Brock Lesnar.”

The revelation happened when Ross responded to a fan’s suggestion that Boudreaux deserved "big WWE money” for obvious reasons. The recruiting executive quickly addressed the statement by saying that Boudreaux had been on his radar for over two years. As for the compensation, Ross boasted that AEW also has the capacity to pay wrestlers “big money” and reminded the fan that WWE wasn't the only show in town any more.

“Big money is earned, not awarded. Parker Boudreaux has been in my radar for 2-3 years. You do know that there’s 'big money' in AEW too,” Ross wrote.

Ross has yet to disclose any further details about the “big money” deal for the time being. However, reports claimed that Boudreaux is still currently attending the University of Central Florida, where he plays for their UCF Knights team as an offensive lineman.

In the past, Ross has already expressed his consistent admiration Boudreaux via social media. Evidently, the 6-foot-4, over 300-pounder successfully captured the attention of the AEW recruiter because of the various clips of him boasting his incredible strength on social media. Pairing with his insanely huge physique, it is a no-brainer for people to compare to WWE Champion Lesnar.

Meanwhile, in one of the latest episodes of Ross’ podcast (via TalkSport), WWE boss Vince McMahon’s long-time on and off right hand man, and now SmackDown lead writer, Bruce Prichard revealed that the first thing Lesnar ever told McMahon quickly convinced the CEO to sign “The Next Big Thing.”

“I remember Brock saying something like ‘I want to be an entertainer,’ and Vince fell in love with him right there,” Prichard said.

Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar prepares to fight Mark Hunt during the UFC 200 event at T-Mobile Arena on July 9, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/Rey Del Rio