Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch is clearly the new rebel in the WWE, similar to Stonecold Steve Austin during his prime. WWE Superstar Becky Lynch appears on the red carpet of the WWE Mae Young Classic on September 12, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images for WWE/Bryan Steffy

WWE has been known to create interesting storylines, and the one involving Becky Lynch calls to mind a familiar one from past rebels. Among the names to come to mind are "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Roman Reigns, both of which benefitted from the persona immensely.

The WWE Women's division could use a good shot in the arm even with Ronda Rousey in the mix. While most know what Rowdy has done in the mixed martial arts scene, her popularity has undoubtedly taken the WWE women's class to another level. But one woman cannot do it alone.

After losing the WWE Smackdown Women's championship at WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs, the red-haired wrestler saw herself crossing paths with Rousey. Lynch did win the women's Royal Rumble match last month and had her sights on Rousey's belt.

Unfortunately, a monkey wrench was thrown in the mix. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H wanted Lynch to see a doctor "to have her medically cleared. The 32-year-old wrestler ended up feuding with the WWE executives, attacking both on separate occasions. Apparently, all this is part of another storyline - one of the rebellious kind.

Although Lynch did see a doctor who cleared her to compete, her attack and person have made the road to Wrestlemania harder. After getting clearance on her tweaked knee, Lynch was asked to apologize or lose her shot at the title, Cageside Seats reported. Before the show ended, she did just that until a new twist in the form of WWE CEO Vince McMahon entered the mix.

Citing her bad attitude and feeling she was bigger than the WWE, McMahon suspended Lynch and instead gave her slot to Charlotte Flair - the same person she had tossed out last at the 2019 WWE Royal Rumble. The suspension lasts for 60 days - one that would expire five days after Wrestlemania 35, WWE reported.

Looking ahead, this is of course not the end of it. WWE fans know that something uncharacteristic will happen - ones that the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin or Roman Reigns have already done in the past.

The key word from the WWE CEO is "bad attitude. For those who experienced the good old days of the Rattlesnake named Steve Austin, expect some extreme scenes happening at upcoming WWE shows - most likely rekindling the WWE Attitude era.