Daniel Bryan remains the WWE champion, but most took note of Kofi Kingston's performance at WWE Elimination Chamber recently. The 37-year-old was the last man standing in the main event, though he ended up tapping out and allowing Bryan to retain his title.

Looking ahead, there is one more pay-per-view in the cards in WWE Fastlane set to be held on March 10. The Wrestling Observer believes Kingston is a favorite to face Bryan again, with WWE management reportedly impressed with his previous performance. Kingston came in as a replacement for the injured Mustafa Ali.

If all goes well, Kingston could end up feuding with Bryan until Wrestlemania 35. However, there are reports that WWE is planning to bring back a familiar face to feud with Bryan for the title. Among the names mentioned include Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Bray Wyatt, Kurt Angle, John Cena, Batista, and The Undertaker, Wrestling Inc. reported.

As far as Kingston is concerned, he seems like the logical opponent for WWE Fastlane against Bryan. Unfortunately, that means that Bryan will go on to face someone else by April for Wrestlemania. That person could end up appearing during or after Bryan's title-defense or the WWE Smackdown episode following the pay-per-view.

If nothing comes up, the logical bet would be Kingston getting the shot, hence prolonging the feud. If one is to base how these storylines go, the Ghanaian-born American wrestler could become the next WWE champion although doing so raises other questions.

Much of those have to do with his tag team buddies on the New Day. One of the most successful tag teams the WWE has seen, giving Kingston the push would leave Xavier Woods and Big E all by themselves. The two could end up continuing their tag team matchup unless scriptwriters opt to break them up and re-cast them in solo roles.

When Xavier Woods was in Manila, he said that the New Day would not break up, Manila Bulletin Sports reported. However, that is a call not for him to make. Big E can thrive in singles competition while Woods could be displaced. Seeing however that he is doing well hosting the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, Woods could end up taking on minor roles instead.

There are loose ends right now on the future of the New Day. Something credible should crop up after WWE Fastlane next month.