• Brock Lesnar now figures in a different storyline after Roman Reigns pulled out of their match over the weekends
  • Reigns is reportedly doing well after missing WWE Day 1 due to COVID-19
  • Reigns could be on a collision course to face Drew McIntyre

The headliner for the WWE Day 1 event was altered after the reigning Universal Champion Roman Reigns was unable to perform due to COVID-19 protocols.

The latest update on "The Tribal Chief" from his real-life cousins, The Usos, is that he is at home recovering.

They admitted that the first pay-per-view of 2022 was a bit off without Reigns but stressed that safety comes first.

“It felt off not having the Tribal Chief around,” Jey Uso said to Sports Illustrated. “This match was for him. We represented, and he’s going to be OK. He’s home resting, and maybe playing some Call of Duty. We’re going to see him back soon.”

The development altered storylines, leaving Brock Lesnar without an opponent and a title to target.

All the changed when“The Beast Incarnate” was inserted in the Fatal Four-Way match with Big E’s WWE Championship on the line.

Despite the odds, Lesnar came out on top and snagged the belt.

The surprising outcome also meant that Lesnar would likely be embroiled in storylines involving Big E and other protagonists such as Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins in the said match.

It should also be noted that as of this writing, Lesnar has reunited with Paul Heyman. This comes roughly a week after the former ECW boss was fired by Reigns as his special counsel.

As for Reigns, the sudden turn of events may have just opened the door for a speculated feud with Drew McIntyre.

That could start as early as the WWE Royal Rumble with Reigns and McIntyre tangling somewhere on the card.

Should Reigns successfully defend the Universal Title, expect a rematch to happen at WrestleMania 38 later this year.

Alternatively, McIntyre could take the long route and stake his claim by winning the 2022 edition of the Royal Rumble match.

But with Reigns without someone who he can feud with, a direct storyline involving him and McIntyre looms as the sensible route.

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