Enes Kanter is known to be a monster in terms of producing numbers on the basketball court. But the NBA big man knows that playing pro ball has its limits although he does have plenty of options once it is time for him to retire. 

The immediate things that an NBA player can consider are to work as a coach, TV analyst or even a front office position. But in the case of Kanter, his plan is to pursue his wrestling career - meaning he has his eyes set on jumping the WWE bandwagon. 

In a previous post back in December, Kanter appeared in a segment opposite Dana Brooke and Curt Hawkins. While it was entirely scripted, the Turkish center showed he could be a force inside the ring when he executed a perfectly timed chokeslam on Hawkins.

That alone could be an audition of sorts for Kanter and he could end up following the footsteps of other former NBA stars to enter the squared circle. Among the basketball stars who did include Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman. 

But for Kanter who is now with the Portland Trail Blazers, he is absolutely serious about a WWE career. In fact, he has reportedly started to discuss the possibility with his friend and former ECW promoter about the plan, Hoops Rumors reported.

“I’m very serious about [a pro wrestling career]. I feel like it’s my world. You just got to go out there, talk trash, troll people. Lifting, I love lifting. It’s just fun, man. I don’t want to stop my sports career when I’m done with basketball. A lot of people go into broadcasting, coaching, but I want to continue opening the door in sports. That’s why I’m very serious about it.”

Kanter is only 26-years-old and plans to join the WWE may take some time. For now, he remains a reliable double-double machine that any NBA team can rely on unless he loses the appetite (entirely) to play pro ball. 

The best third overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft can do for now is to perhaps make an appearance in one of the WWE shows. He could get physical to a certain degree although he needs to make sure he does not get injured in the process. With an NBA contract to honor, the last thing that Kanter would want to do is injure himself (accidentally) and place his basketball career (and priorities) in jeopardy.