• WWE superstar Mustafa Ali has requested his release from the company
  • Details suggest that Ali's frustrations with WWE have been boiling over the past few months
  • Sources claim that his release depends on whether WWE wants to release him or not

In a shocking announcement, Mustafa Ali revealed that he has requested his release from WWE and there is a breadcrumb trail leading up to his desire to leave the company.

In an exclusive interview with Metro back in October 2021, Ali revealed that he spoke with WWE chairman Vince McMahon about what he lacked to become a top draw in the company, to which the head honcho allegedly replied with “Too polished, too clean, too nice. I don’t know if you have it in you.”

A few weeks after the revelation, Ali posted a video on his Twitter page which pointed towards a gimmick addressing his heritage and hopes for acceptance among Americans that was “deemed controversial” for WWE programming.

As revealed by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp recently, Ali had asked for one show off in order to celebrate the birth of his third child, but the promotion decided to keep him off TV which then led to his current situation with WWE.

Ali, who had been on and off WWE TV for the better part of the last few months, explained his reasons for requesting his release.

“I have a message that is much bigger than my dreams in pro wrestling. Despite my best efforts, I will not be able to deliver this message while working with WWE. Therefore, I am requesting my release from WWE,” Ali posted on his social media pages.

Despite his natural in-ring talent and charisma plus the support of fans, WWE has failed to put him in any meaningful storylines that could have potentially seen him win a midcard belt in order to boost his stock.

His last match came against WWE’s first-ever Saudi Arabian wrestler Mansoor, to whom he lost at the Crown Jewel event held in October 2021.

From being revealed as the leader of the failed faction Retribution to wrestling on WWE’s Main Event program, it is understandable why Ali would harbor ill feelings towards the organization.

However, there could be a roadblock towards Ali’s hopes for departure from WWE.

Steve Carrier of Ringside News spoke with a source within the company that while WWE is open to wrestlers asking for their release, those whom the company sees as potential assets will not be released despite requesting it.

It remains to be seen whether WWE and Ali will give the relationship one more go before parting ways, but the signs are not entirely encouraging.