• Sami Zayn started a thread about experiences of attending or performing for a few crowd
  • Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and other stars shared their stories as they are starting to break in the industry
  • Find out who wrestled with only one audience watching

We are not used to seeing crowd-drawing events with colored seats and benches showing in the background but coronavirus did just that – even WWE was not spared by the pandemic. This time, the wrestlers do not need to worry about the exposure as they will be performing at a place they know very, very well – the WWE Performance Center.

This edition of SmackDown aired with nobody in the crowd and it feels not right for people who’ve been watching pro-wrestling for decades that you will not hear either a chant, a boo, or let alone a reaction from the audience for a promo.

The scene may look weird for people who are watching WWE shows regularly but for some wrestlers in the roster, this isn’t new. Performing in a venue without people watching just made some superstars recall their experiences while they are still starting to break into the professional wrestling industry before getting reaching their current status with the WWE right now.

Sami Zayn started a thread on Twitter to ask fellow wrestlers to share their stories on how they endured a wrestling event that they are in with attendance that most would not believe they were once a part of.

Kevin Owens talked about wrestling in front of less than two-dozen people and still have the time to take a bite out of an audience’s food.

The current Intercontinental Champion started sharing about his experience a decade ago where he was on a three-day event that attracted only 15 people at the maximum in Australia.

Former world champion Seth Rollins also gave out his input by sharing a story where WWE Producer Jamie Noble did a promo in an hour to sell some DVDs

Other superstars, both active and alumni, never hesitated to talk about their humble beginnings that they can call now as the “good old times.” Some of them are Drake Maverick, Bubba Ray of the Dudley Boyz, Flash Mrgan Webster of NXT UK, former wrestler Armando Estrada, and Road Dogg among others.

Sami Zayn WWE
Sami Zayn likely had his last NXT match at NXT TakeOver: Dallas on Friday night.