• WWE is currently smashing expectations under the guidance of Triple H
  • More freedom across the board is reportedly being given to talent in recent weeks
  • The turnout for the August 1 episode of Raw is proving Triple H is the right man for the job

When then-WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon called it a career a few weeks ago, Triple H being named the company’s head of creatives generated massive expectations from the fans.

To WWE’s credit, they certainly are living up to it.

Minor changes were brought to the top-tier pro wrestling promotion’s programming in the weekly SmackDown and Raw shows the week after McMahon retired, but they were more evident during the recently-concluded SummerSlam pay-per-view in Nashville, Tennessee.

From surprising debuts to a big-fight feel in the main event and even subtle changes in commentary, SummerSlam proved to be the major staging ground for how Triple H plans to take WWE’s main product moving forward.

Prior to the event though, fans were lauding the opening match of the July 29 episode of SmackDown because of how well both Drew McIntyre and Sheamus did during their no holds barred match.

PW Insider put out the details as to why that match did great and what other changes took place behind the scenes with Triple H in charge.

“A big part of what made the Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre match so great… is at least a sizeable portion of the match was called in the ring vs. every single spot laid out to them ahead of times,” Mike Johnson wrote.

It certainly looked like McIntyre and Sheamus were having a more organic match instead of going through a strict script and this revelation from PW Insider provided the reason why.

A major change that they also revealed was that WWE is “loosening up of freedom for the talents when they speak on the mic, allowing them to improvise more.”

This is certainly one of the bigger differences from the McMahon era to Triple H’s as performers certainly looked extremely comfortable and confident in the things that they were saying.

A great example of this is during the July 25 episode of Raw where Money in the Bank briefcase holder Theory and undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns had a solid exchange of words.

While there is no solid confirmation yet as to just how much freedom performers are getting on the mic, it can be assumed they are now being given outlines instead of scripts that must be followed to the tee.

For as much as WWE has been targeted by its biggest detractors for not having charisma when doing promos, this new directive allows them to show off a bit more and will likely produce even greater moments down the line.

With Triple H leading the way, WWE fans are starting to feel that a Renaissance period is bubbling underneath the surface and they may be right based on how well the August 1 episode of Raw performed in the ratings.

Ciampa, AJ Styles
Ciampa pinned AJ Styles for a shot at the United States Championship currently held by Bobby Lashley on the August 1, 2022 episode of Raw. WWE