Tyson Fury has teased a possible WWE match against Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar.

Last week, fans were left stunned after Fury made his first WWE appearance. Despite claiming that he was insulted by Braun Strowman during the event, it has been confirmed that Fury’s WWE act is a unique way of promoting the much awaited Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury rematch.

In a recent median scrum with ESPN, Fury talked about the rematch with Wilder. According to Fury, there’s no other bigger fight in boxing than his last fight with Wilder but he isn’t focused about it at the moment. Instead, he has his eyes locked on Browman, his opponent in the upcoming WWE Crown Jewel.

What was more interesting is the idea of Fury facing former UFC champ Cain Velasquez in WWE. As per “The Gypsy King,” nobody knows if he will be book for another WWE match again after Browman and if that happens, it could either be against Velasquez or Brock Lesnar.

“Who knows. After Braun Strowman, who knows what lies beneath. Maybe Cain Velasquez, maybe Brock Lesnar, who knows?,” Fury said about WWE match against Velasquez.

Strowman on his part, was asked about what he thinks Velasquez and Fury entering pro wrestling.

Following a news conference at T-Mobile Arena, Strowman detailed how hard it is to be a WWE fighter. After all, he just hopes that Fury and Velasquez are ready, Yahoo Sports reported.

“I don’t think they’re quite understanding of what it takes and what goes on to producing this and making this happen,” Strowman said about Fury and Velasquez.

“I wrestled 192 matches last year and flew over 700,000 miles to perform for our fans all over the entire globe. It’s a lot to train your body to be used to not sleeping and getting up and going out and fighting for 45 minutes then jumping on an airplane and going and doing it again. I admire these guys for wanting to jump into this world. I just hope they’re ready for it,” Strowman pointed out.

Prior to Fury ’ s WWE participation, there has been some buzz about the cut he suffered during his last fight against Otto Wallin. Reports claim that Fury is putting the Wilder rematch at risk by performing at WWE.

However, Fury’s promoter Todd duBoef, the president of Top Rank, said that Fury had his wounds examined by a plastic surgeon in the United Kingdom, where he lives, and was cleared to do the WWE match.

WWE Crown Jewel will take place at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh. It is part of a 10-year, big-money deal that WWE has with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tyson Fury (R) beat Otto Wallin during in their heavyweight bout in Las Vegas
Tyson Fury (R) beat Otto Wallin during in their heavyweight bout in Las Vegas GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / David Becker