The video-sharing app Cameo is giving the term "celebrity autograph" a whole new meaning. Anyone can now get a personalized video message from their favorite celebrity if they can pay for it.

According to Forbes, thousands of Cameos are sold each week as the company continues to expand. And the company, which receives 25% of each participating celebrity's earnings, isn’t the only one thriving. Some celebrities who offer their services on the app are bringing in hefty sums of money.

Infamous businessman and television personality Kevin O’Leary charges $1,500 for each "personal use" video on the app and has reportedly made more than six figures since joining. Business-based videos, ones meant to engage companies, and their employees, cost $6,500 each. He told CNBC that he thinks his fee, which can vary based on each celebrity's popularity, is a "great deal."

“People ask me all the time about Cameo,” the "Shark Tank" investor said. “It’s my side hustle...Let’s say you’re getting married and you want Mr. Wonderful to sing at your wedding. Well, I can do that for you on Cameo."

Actor Sean Astin, best recognized as Samwise Gamgee from "Lord of the Rings," has also made a respectable amount of money from the video-sharing app. The actor charges $295 per video. Notably, his videos last longer than any other celebrity at six minutes. As one of the top earners of the app, it has reportedly made him $163,159.

One of the stars making by far the most money, however, is "The Office" alum Brian Baumgartner, who says he has made a staggering $1 million from the service. Best known for playing Kevin Malone on the mockumentary sitcom television series, the actor charges $225 for each personal message and has described his time on the app as “rewarding.”

“Here’s how I view Cameo: This is not about me, or about getting a message from me,” he said to BBBC. “I view it as an attempt from two people who want to make a connection.”

With over 6,000 fans on the platform, Baumgartner is ranked as a 5-star performer, with thousands of grateful reviews from fans of "The Office."

Steven Galanis, co-founder, and CEO of Cameo has had he has high hopes for the platform.

“Eventually, we want anyone and everyone with fans to be on Cameo,” he said. “Fans are absolutely delighted and amazed to have their favorite stars talking directly to them, and the celebrities, in turn, are able to monetize from the positive publicity.”