This month of June, the seasons transition. The arrival of the June solstice heralds winter chill in the south and summer heat in the north.

Avid skywatchers should look to the skies this month as they would be able to see some of the best views to ever grace the night sky.

Young Moon
A young moon is a moon some hours or days after the instance of a new moon. This moon is usually thin and pale. Ponciano / Pixabay

A young moon is a moon that appears hours or days after the new moon, and tonight, the skies will be graced with one. The moon will appear thin and pale and will pop out rather low in the western part of the sky at evening dusk.

This will depend on where you live in the world though, as the moon may or may not stay out as late as nightfall. Skywatchers who want to view the young moon tonight should find an unobstructed horizon in the direction of the sunset. Additionally, viewers should keep their eyes open for earthshine as it will illuminate the darkened portion of the young moon tonight.

Mercury often gets lost in the Sun's glare because of its close proximity. skeeze / Pixabay

Tonight is considered a special night as people will hopefully be able to see two planets near the young moon. Shortly after sunset, viewers will be able to catch a glimpse of the young moon as well as it’s two companions.

The first is Mercury, the innermost planet in our solar system, and the second is Mars, the Red Planet orbiting fourth from the Sun. Mercury can be found near the moon today, June 4, along with Mars.

Specifically, Mercury will sit just 6 degrees to the right of the moon. Of the two, Mercury will be brighter, although it may not be as visible as it will appear just a little after sunset. Compared to other times, Mercury will be more visible as it will not be obstructed by the sun’s glare.

Mars, however, is so faint that you may not be able to see it until nightfall after Mercury and the Moon have already set in. Viewers should have their binoculars or telescopes ready in order to witness this breathtaking event. Planet-spotters should make sure not to miss this event as it is extremely rare to see Mercury so clearly in the sky.