Solo Sikoa, WWE
Solo Sikoa lands a flying clothesline on Ricochet during an episode of WWE SmackDown. WWE


  • "Management is very high on him," sources report about Solo Sikoa
  • Sikoa received his first loss on the main roster by disqualification
  • WWE can draw inspiration as to how they build him up for a solo run

Solo Sikoa is quickly proving to be more than just another addition to Roman Reigns' Bloodline faction and reports have now surfaced about him playing an even bigger role after WrestleMania 39.

"The idea is to keep him strong because management is very high on him," Wrestling News reported.

"There are big plans for him after WrestleMania and he is seen as a guy that could eventually become a main eventer."

On the March 6 episode of Raw, Sikoa took on Kevin Owens in a singles match and was on the verge of receiving his first-ever clean singles loss when Jimmy Uso entered the ring to assault Owens and prevent the referee from counting the pinfall.

While the official records state that this is SIkoa's first-ever loss on the main roster via disqualification, the fact that it was not a straight-up three-count or submission seems to confirm Wrestling News' revelation that management wants to "keep him strong".

Sikoa has been utilized as the stereotypical silent enforcer for the faction and it is a role that he is extremely familiar with as he portrayed the same thing during his time in WWE's developmental territory NXT.

While there was no indication presented as to how Sikoa would be propelled towards a singles title reign, the crumbs have always been there.

Since debuting on the main roster during WWE Clash at the Castle in September 2022, Sikoa has been a featured player in matches–be it in two-on-two or one-on-one bouts.

Many believed that Sikoa would have won either the Intercontinental or United States title by now in order to complete the Bloodline's status as being the most dominant faction in the promotion.

However, having him defeat Gunther or Austin Theory for the respective belts would have stacked the deck in favor of the faction too much and surely would have stifled other talent.

Moreover, Sikoa is still too young on the main roster to generate any kind of interest as a champion and while WWE may have possibly explored the thought at one point or another, it simply is not a smart business decision as Gunther and Theory are doing great with their runs with the Intercontinental and United States Championships respectively.

In that same vein though, WWE has the option of making a callback to the mid-00s faction of Evolution – particularly when Randy Orton claimed the World Heavyweight Championship.

Reigns is expected to drop the undisputed WWE Universal Championships at WrestleMania 39 to Cody Rhodes and having Sikoa, who was sent by older members of the Anoa'i dynasty in the storyline, win one of them down the line kickstarts the whole thing.

A jealous Reigns would then demand Sikoa to drop the title to him as a show of respect to the "Head of the Table", but Sikoa decides against it and gets into a high-profile feud with his real-life cousin.

While that scenario is an impossibility to see now, WWE has proven itself capable of writing captivating storylines when inspired by fan reaction and Sikoa, who is continuously developing on the main roster, being a solo star is definitely possible once the Bloodline's story inevitably wraps up.

The Anoa'i family tree has been a staple in the pro wrestling industry for as long as fans can remember dating back to "High Chief" Peter Maivia and Sikoa following in the footsteps of his cousins Reigns and The Rock is well within the realm of possibility.

Sami Zayn, The Bloodline, WWE
Sami Zayn (center) helped The Bloodline pull off the victory against the Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens in the main event of Survivor Series WarGames on November 26, 2022. WWE