• Real Madrid will not be signing any major deals this year due to the global pandemic
  • One rising star that is within Real Madrid's radar is Benoit Badiashile
  • Badiashile’s market value is estimated to be at 25 million Euros

The expectations are high for Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid and one player that the club has gained interest in in the future is AS Monaco’s Benoit Badiashile. Spending for a big deal this year is out of the question but that hasn’t hindered the organization in scouting for the years to come.

With everything that Badiashile offers Real Madrid has already put Badiashile as a possible 2021 signing per Fansided’s The Real Champs. Considering the way Zidane’s team has been playing, having someone of Badiashile’s caliber will greatly complement the club’s dynamic. The defensive intensity of the rising star has the potential to play well with the other young players of the team. With the likes of Eder Militao, Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane as elite center backs, Badiashile can develop even further as a capable defender.

Other teams have also noticed Badiashile’s caliber and attempted to lure the young star to their club. Most recently, Manchester United offered an estimated 25 million Euros to Monaco but the team declined the offer. With the financial effects of the recent global pandemic, teams including Real Madrid, have stopped in making big signings for their organizations. This means that by 2021 the Santiago Bernabeu-based squad can look into making a move for Badiashile in a more economically stable environment.

The past few seasons featured Badiashile blossoming as one of the more reliable center-backs for AS Monaco. In the latest Ligue 1 season, he’s suited up for 16 starts for the team, providing quality minutes as an elite defender. Throughout his career, he’s been a reliable force for his club with the way he anticipates his opponents.

The 19-year-old shows a lot of promise moving forward with how well he’s playing today with averages of 2.5 interceptions and 2.5 clearances a game. With the way he likes to play short passes and help his teammates control the pace on the field care of a 90.2 pass success rate, Badiashile serves as a capable asset for any club to have.

The current market value of Badiashile is estimated at 20 million Euros. It will be interesting to see if Real Madrid will eventually make a move for the young star and improve the roster in the years to come.

Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane is looking to follow up the success of his first season in charge of Real Madrid. Getty Images