The new season of FX miniseries "American Horror Story" has begun filming, and while co-creator Ryan Murphy has been gracious enough to tease us with spoilers, he has kept many things hush hush. One new season two spoiler to leak is about returning cast member Zachary Quinto.

 "It's a completely different world and has nothing to do with season one; there's not a mention of season one," Murphy previously revealed to the Hollywood Reporter. "The second season is in a completely different time period."

Besides a different world and time period, returning actors will play a role that is the opposite of the character they played in season one. This definitely seems to be the case for Zachary Quinto's new character.

In season one of "American Horror Story," Quinto played Chad, one of the ghosts haunting the L.A. Murder House. Before his death in the house, Chad had been living with his boyfriend and looking to adopt a baby. Chad eventually discovered that his boyfriend had been cheating, and was killed in the house before being able to adopt.

The L.A. Murder House has been replaced with an asylum for the criminally insane on the East Coast. Set in 1964, this season Quinto won't be playing a patient at the institution. According to TVLine, Quinto will be tackling the role of a sane doctor working at the new season two location.

"He's much more grounded and in control," Quinto explained of his new role in the miniseries.

Besides Quinto, season one cast members returning for a frightening second season include Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe and Sarah Paulson.

With the news of Quinto's new role, it looks like he may be working closely with Lange. Jessica Lange will also be an employee of the asylum. According to MTV, Lange's new role will be a nun. "American Horror Story" writer Tim Minear told MTV News that besides a nun, "She's playing an administrator of a facility. It's different. In this instance, she's a bride of Christ."

What do you think of Zachary Quinto's new role in season two?