Season  4 of 'Arrested Development' began filming on Tuesday, August 7, and Jason Bateman has been gracious enough to give fans a first look at the revived show. Off the air since 2006, the Fox sitcom is making a comeback on Netflix in 2013, as they prepare to launch a movie.

Bateman, who plays Michael Bluth on 'Arrested Development,' took to Twitter yesterday to post a photo with the caption: 'First day. Away we go..."

Surprisingly the photo does not picture Bateman or any of his 'Arrested Development' co-stars. Instead, viewers get a glimpse of Comedy Central's "Workaholics" stars Adam DeVine and Anders Holm. In the photo DeVine and Holm are behind the counter of an airline baggage check.

Are the Bluth's making a trip to check out their model homes in Iraq? Is George Sr. trying to flee the country? Are some of the Bluth's working for an airline now?

According to Entertainment Weekly, the addition of the Comedy Central stars to "Arrested Development" isn't that far of a stretch. Last year "Arrested Development's" executive producer and writer Mitchell Hurwitz appeared on "Workaholics" as Cool Eric. While we don't know the back story behind the photo, we can only imagine the hysterical encounters the Bluth's will have with the 'Workaholics' duo. (Where is Blake Anderson?)

Although photos of the Bluth's on set have not surfaced yet, Bateman did tease fans with a couple photos of his on screen son, Michael Cera last week. The photos show Cera, who plays George Michael Bluth, in a couple old stomping grounds for the family.

The first photo of Cera showed him in the Bluth's old model home with the caption: "My son, arriving yesterday. While the model home was definitely in bad shape when the show ended (remember that sink hole?), it looks worse in the picture.

The second photo tweeted by Bateman shows Cera walking through the door of Lucille Bluth's old apartment. Bateman's photo caption reads: "A grandson looking for his Gangee."

"Arrested Development" fans can only hope that Bateman (and other cast members) will continue their photo tweeting spree as filming for the show continues.

The 10 episode season four will be available on Netflix in 2013. Each episode is reportedly dedicated to one Bluth family member, with the premiere episode going to Michael Bluth.