If you're as hungry as a new vampire for season four spoilers of the Vampire Diaries, then you are in luck! Those of us not fortunate enough to bask in the Vampire Diaries glory at Comic-Con last weekend can finally see the much talked about season four Comic-Con trailer for the CW hit show. Expect a real drama filled season.

Fans of the show will recognize a lot of the footage found in the little over two minute promo video. Since our favorite actors were only back shooting in Atlanta for a week before flying out to San Diego for Comic-Con, the real good stuff of season four appears at the end.

The trailer starts off with a clip from the season three finale, with Elena and Matt driving over Wickery Bridge...the night that Rebekah forces them to swerve off the road and into the water.

The next scene from the promo is taken from season two, when Damon forced Elena to take his blood in order to survive Klaus' ritual. Stefan talks about the perks of being a vampire: feeling like you can do anything, being anyone. And the worst? Elena asks of becoming a vampire: rage, despair, grief, loss.

This is when the trailer starts to get good. Fans are treated to a morbid scene, Elena drowning in the car, and then lying in a morgue draw. Vampire Diaries fans are also brought back to another season three finale scene, where Damon comes storming into the hospital, demanding that Dr. Fell let him see Elena.

The video then shoots back to a season two clip, where Elena tells Stefan that she never wanted to become a vampire, she just wanted to grow up. I never wanted to be one, she sobs about becoming a vampire.

Too late! The promo gives a montage of all our characters who unfortunately had vampire blood in their system when they died...and the hunger and desire to feed that stemmed from it.

The trailer then asks the question, does Elena choose to feed and live as a vampire? Or not feed and die. As Damon put it, There is no door number three.

After setting up viewers for the Elena dilemma of season four, we get to see the gangs repercussions from season three. The clip shows Bonnie channeling some black magic, while Klaus (in Tyler's body) tells her that the spirits won't be happy with you. Bonnie's response? I'm done getting pushed around by all of you.

While Bonnie's done getting pushed around, Damon and Stefan are just starting to push each other. You weren't there the day that Elena looked me in the eye and told me she absolutely never wanted this, Stefan aggressively tells Damon. You shouldn't have let her die, Damon snarls at him. I never meant for her to die, Stefan fires back.

In a flash we see Elena waking up in the morgue, police with their guns on Stefan and Damon slamming Matt up against the wall by the throat.

Intense two minutes, huh?

You have plenty of time to catch up on season three when it's released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 11. Season four of the Vampire Diaries premieres October 11 at 8 p.m.

What do you think of the Comic-Con trailer for season four of the Vampire Diaries?