Vampire Diaries fans know that Damon has a bit of a temper, and it looks like we'll be seeing a lot of it in season four. Turns out Damon places some blame on Elena's untimely demise (and subsequent transition into a vampire).

In the season three finale viewers discovered that Dr. Fell had cured Elena of her head injuries (from her rough encounter with Klaus) with vampire blood. Unfortunately no one knew about Dr. Fell's supernatural cure, and when Matt accidentally drove off Wickery Bridge Elena made Stefan save her friend before coming back for her. Stefan obviously didn't make it back in time and the season ended with Elena opening up her eyes - as a vampire. teases that Damon has revenge on the brain, but who exactly is his anger focused on?

Is it Dr. Fell for slipping Elena vampire blood without her knowing?

Is it Rebekah for standing in front of Matt's car, causing him to swerve off the bridge?

Is it Stefan for listening to Elena and pulling Matt out of the car first?

Or is it Matt, since he's the one that drugged Elena and took her into the car that night?

If you guessed Matt then you are right! TVline reveals that Damon blames poor Matt for Elena's little predicament.

I doubt Elena blames Matt for her current (or eternal) situation, but when Damon has revenge on his mind then watch out! Luckily for Matt he has a powerful witch and three vampires as friends to protect him.

What also makes Damon's revenge kick interesting is that he once tried to turn Elena when she was about to get sacrificed by Klaus. Since Elena chose Stefan in the season three finale, does Damon not want to spend eternity watching his brother with the girl he loves?

What kind of revenge do you think Damon will take out on Matt?