"Vampire Diaries" Decade Dance
Bonnie and Jamie at the Decade Dance. Twitter

Season four of the Vampire Diaries will be a big one for Bonnie. A spoiler for the season four reveals that she will be working quite closely with a new character - Professor Shane!

Zap2it is reporting that Professor Shane will be a recurring character, and that his storyline stems from the episode Bad Moon Rising in season two. In Bad Moon Rising we saw Elena, Damon and Alaric visit Duke University to search through some of Isobel's research on the supernatural beings in Mystic Falls.

Professor Shane supposedly knows a thing or two about the paranormal, which doesn't comes as a big shocker considering the paranormal is Mystic Falls worst kept secret.

The introduction of the professor to the cast will not just be an Alaric replacement. The new character is a way for the Vampire Diaries cast to start transitioning to college. According to Zap2it, our Mystic Falls seniors will start spending some time at the local university early in the season, the same university that Aunt Jenna had attended.

While we don't know who is playing Professor Shane, we have some theories on his story line. Since it's reported that he will be working closely with Bonnie, it's possible that she has to turn to outside help to release Klaus from Tyler's body.

According to WetPaint.com, Bonnie will also have a new love interest. Bonnie is going to be delving into a couple of things that she's never had, dished actress Kat Graham. She's going to be meeting a new someone.

Will Bonnie's new special someone be an older professor? It wouldn't be the first time that a character on the show went for an older person. Tyler made some moves on Matt's mom before dating Caroline, and Elena is dating an over 100-year-old vampire!

Professor Shane joins other new season four characters April, Pastor Young and Connor, a highly trained killing machine.

What are your theories about Professor Shane's story line?