Siri may be having trouble on Apple's iPhone 4S, but you don't hear the app's users complaining.

The new app, hailed by some as an incredible taste of the future, is still markedly in beta form, and Apple is stressing that fact, as well as the fact that the app will be continuously improved.

The main reason for the tentative release, and for some reviewers' frustration with Siri's technical issues, seems to be server-side software, which is what Siri uses to determine what speakers are asking it to do. To use that software, Siri needs Internet access -- and for the iPhone 4S, the only version of Siri that has a fast enough processor to work properly, users can end up in what PC magazine called the permanent dead zone, with many Apple servers refusing to authenticate commands.

Siri is also having trouble working outside the United States, an understandable flaw for a beta model, but still a bit of a let-down for those hoping for options outside America and U.S.-English.

Users are comforted, however, by that fact that Siri is far more amusing than it is useful. The best part of Siri so far has been uncovering all the various crazy easter eggs Apple engineers have hidden within the app's programming. These inside jokes include WIRED favorite open the pod bay doors, a 2001: Space Odyssey reference, to which the HAL-like gadget responds with I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that. users have also asked about the meaning of life, getting answers that include 42, tip of the hat to Douglass Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

Other mistakes, however, are less purposeful. Siri sometimes has trouble with seemingly simple questions, trouble brought on by the very systems that are supposed to help it answer through integration with Wolfram Alpha's computational knowledge engine. At the same time, however, the new app is surprisingly handy as a trivial pursuit tool, telling users lead's atomic weight and the leaders of the French Revolution, rather than where to find the nearest Chinese place.

Courtesy of sites like Sh*t That Siri Says and Siri Funny, here are some of the best and most unexpected answers and easter eggs users have gotten when they ask their questions to the crazy beta model.

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