Tots today aren't like those in my days - I have a two year old who is more tech-savvy than her grandmother, and she can handle an itouch like second nature.

While I'm a believer that kids should burn energy outside under the sun and in the dirt, I don't see any harm in giving an early start on child-friendly electronic gadgets, as today's children are living in a completely digital generation. However, as with anything, moderation is crucial. Putting a time limit on their use would be a wise move, as they could get quite addicting.

If you aren't already, you'd be amazed at how quickly your child figures out that iphone, itouch or ipad. It's quite simple and intuitive to them -children touch what they see, and the screen immediately displays their actions. Furthermore, the attention span of a child is short-lived, and they have numerous apps to navigate at their fingertips which makes for an interest-filled experience.

While children can enjoy cartoons and children's videos via that iphone, there are a number of educational, amusing, and plain-fun apps that your toddler will absolutely enjoy interacting with.

And since we all love freebies, I've gathered a list of top 10 FREE apps for toddlers - tested and approved by my very own two-year-old.

10. Baby Firsts Play Phone
Simple buttons with fun play sounds are sure to bring blissful giggles from your tot.

9. Awesome Xylophone
This virtual xylophone lets your child tinker with different music notes.

8. My Coloring Book
An app to nurture creativity and color (without the mess!) using bright colors and simple lines.

7. Doodle Buddy
Your child can draw anything with different textures and colors, and have fun stamping silly icons onto the canvas.

6. Sprout Player
Enjoy fun, educational podcasts from PBS Kids Sprout program (internet required for streamed updates)

5. Curious George Dictionary
This interactive picture dictionary is entertaining, and simple words from A-Z are reviewed to build literacy.

4. Alphabet Tracing
Animations come to life, allowing your child to trace and learn to properly write letters and numbers.

3. Bug Smasher
A fun and simple game for your child to smash bugs as they come!

2. Veggie Samurai
Slice and dice veggies of all types and sizes!

1. Feed Me 
Your child will learn letters, numbers, shapes and simple words by feeding the correct words to the monster. Available in numerous languages!

And finally, a reminder to my readers: The iphone or itouch makes for a great educational and entertaining tool, but they are NOT a substitute for a babysitter.