First Lady Michelle Obama during her visit to Utah next week might wear a dress created by a 12-year-old Texas boy.

Grant Mower a sixth grader has beaten out high school and college fashion designer in a contest in Texas and now plans to travel to Utah to meet Michelle Obama to show dresses he designed for her.

"First, I was just drawing little girls' stuff," Mower told "Then I came up to where I am now, watching Chanel shows and you know, sort of a growth in fashion and maturity."

Mower has matured from the first dress he made of newspaper and to a dress for the first lady, but his class mates did not.

Dallas Magazine in January featured a profile on Mower that describes a boy who admired Swarovski crystals as a child and by the ripe age of seven, began sketching dress designs.

"He's very brilliant and has a wonderful sense of color," Fox news reported quoting Michael Faircloth, a designer who is helping Mower actually sew and design the dress "fit for a first lady."