Jon Stewart briefly returned to television on Thursday to deliver a scathing monologue in which he address presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump and his loyal supporters. The New Jersey native, who satirically reported the news on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” for 20 years, took the reigns on close friend Stephen Colbert’s CBS show, “The Late Show,” calling out Trump and his supporters for perpetuating the farce that they “own” America.

The video appeared on the internet not long after the segment aired live and quickly went viral. It has made its rounds on Twitter and Facebook, eliciting reactions from those who support Trump and those who — like Stewart — cannot bear the thought of him moving into the White House.

In his more than two decades on TV, many of Stewart’s messages have been well received by viewers. Below are 14 of the best speeches the former “Daily Show” host ever delivered:

Stewart’s First Show After September 11, 2001:

While hosting the “Daily Show,” the comedian-turned-pundit returned to the airways to try and bring a little joy to viewers in an otherwise somber moment.

His Takedown of CNN and Fox Following The MH370 Disappearance:

Stewart called out both networks for their lack of serious journalism in the wake of MH370’s apparent crash. He pointed out the hysteria CNN created, which doubled as talking points for Fox news in the weeks that followed.

Stewart’s Bashing Of Fox’s Ferguson, Missouri, Flip Flop:

In 2014, after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri, erupted into protest. Black Lives Matter protesters flooded the streets, calling for justice for the 18-year-old. Fox and other conservative news sources chose to focus on the minority of protesters resorting to looting and violence as well as a portion of findings from the Department of Justice in which they reported that the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative was not factual.

His Serious Take On The Shooting At Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina:

On June 17, 2015, nine people were shot and killed by Dylan Roof while sitting in EAME Church, a historically black facility that has been attacked numerous times before. In time, Roof was apprehended by authorities and treated to fast food — Stewart slammed the media’s method of covering such events, especially when they’re perpetrated by white men.

That Time Stewart Mocked Mike Pence’s Signing Of The Religious Freedom Restoration Act:

In 2015, Mike Pence — who has since been chosen to run alongside Trump in the 2016 presidential race — signed a bill allowing business owners to discriminate against gay patrons.

Stewart’s Take On The Acquittal Of Eric Garner’s Killer:

In December 2014, news broke that the Grand Jury had decided not to charge the police officer who put Eric Garner in a choke hold, killing him. The decision left Stewart struggling to find words, questioning why the outcomes in these situations are almost always the same despite evidence.

His Discussion About “Crazy Talk” From Politicians In America:

After news broke that Donald Sterling had been banned for life from all activities associated with the Los Angeles Clippers for making racist remarks, Stewart questioned the lack of consequences for politicians who make equally abhorrent statements.

Stewart’s Mocking Of Conservative Coverage Of The Democratic Presidential Candidates:

In 2015, Bernie Sanders announced that he would be running for president against Hillary Clinton, conservative news went nuts and Stewart was behind the desk at “The Daily Show” to show them just how crazy they were acting.

That Time He Questioned When It’s OK To Shoot Civilians:

In May 2015, after the American Freedom Defense Initiative hosted a competition in which they asked people to submit their best drawing of the prophet Mohammed. During the competition two people were shot, which spurred this important lesson from Stewart and Jessica Williams.

Stewart’s Takedown of the NFL After Several Instances Of Domestic Violence:

The public was outraged after news of Ray Rice and Greg Hardy’s involvement in violent incidents against women — not only because of what had happened, but because of the soft punishments both men were given. Soon after, the NFL hired four women in the hopes that it would solve their problems — but Stewart wasn’t impressed.

His Coverage of Caitlyn Jenner’s Transition and the Sexist Media Coverage it Drew:

In 2015, the world met Caitlyn Jenner and it wasn’t long before the conversation shifted from how brave her transition was to how good she looked.

The Time Stewart Returned to “The Daily Show” to Address Congress:

Stewart had given up his role as “Daily Show” host by December 2015, but that didn’t stop him from returning to get something important off his chest in the wake of the discussion about the Zadroga Act.

His Coverage of the Situation in Baltimore, Maryland, After Freddie Gray’s Death:

Stewart addressed the riots in Baltimore, Maryland, after Freddie Gray was killed in police custody, mocking conservative outlets for forgetting America’s history of such incidents.

Stewart Mocked Conservatives For Suggesting Black Lives Matter Protestors Blocking Traffic Was A Form of Violence:

In 2014 hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets, calling for justice after the murder of several unarmed black men and women. Despite being largely peaceful, conservative pundits suggested that blocking traffic was a form of violence and that protests may hinder holiday shopping.

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