FIFA has banned the use of many items within its stadiums as the 2014 FIFA World Cup gets underway in Brazil.

Most of the bans are aimed at preserving public safety in each of Brazil’s 12 host cities. For example, FIFA prohibits the possession or use of any object that can be used to cause violence. Fans aren’t allowed to bring bottles, knives, bombs, umbrellas or any item that can be used to stab or clash into World Cup stadiums.

Other things are banned to promote a fan-friendly atmosphere for each soccer game. At the 2010 World Cup, the vuvuzela, a plastic horn based on a South African musical instrument, annoyed crowds to such an extent that FIFA banned it and the caxirola, a similar item made in Brazil, for this year’s event.

Flags and posters larger than a certain size are also prohibited, in order to prevent an obstructed view to the field of play. Items used to take pictures, such as iPads, cameras or laptops, are banned for much the same reason.

Fans also won’t be able to smoke cigarettes or bring food or drink of any kind from outside the stadium. Lighters, however, are acceptable.

A list of items that fans can’t bring to the 2014 FIFA World Cup can be viewed below.

Weapons or objects that can be used for violence

Baseball Bats Items that can be used as weapons, such as baseball bats, are strictly prohibited. Photo: Reuters


Umbrella The same goes for umbrellas. Photo: Reuters

Bottles, glasses, jars, cans

Bottles Glass bottles are banned; drinks are served in plastic cups. Photo: Reuters


Fireworks Fireworks aren't allowed, for obvious reasons. Photo: Reuters


RTR3TAT2 Fans can't bring their own flags, either. Photo: Reuters

Liquids of any kind, unless bought in stadium

Beer That means no outside beers. Photo: Reuters

Food of any kind, unless bought in stadium

Pretzel Or Pretzels. Photo: Reuters

Narcotics or stimulants

Marijuana No marijuana allowed. Photo: Reuters

Animals, except guide dogs

Guide Dogs Under certain circumstances, guide dogs are acceptable. Photo: Reuters

Inflatable balls

Beach Balls Beach balls are a tradition at sporting events, but they aren't allowed at the 2014 World Cup. Photo: Reuters

Gas spray cans

Gas spray cans The U.S. EPA said that trichloroethylene, a chemical in some aerosol sprays, poses a serious health threat. Photo: Reuters


Ladder Don't even think about bringing a ladder. Photo: Reuters

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard Box Cardboard boxes are banned... Photo: Reuters


Suitcase are suitcases. Photo: Reuters


Vuvuzela These pesky noisemakers won't be allowed at the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Photo: Reuters


Flour People throw flour in an undated file photo. Photo: Reuters

Laptops, iPads, Tablets

iPads Don't be that guy. Photo: Reuters


Smoking No smoking allowed. Photo: Reuters