Michelle Duggar turned 49 on Sunday and in honor her birthday several of her 19 offspring complimented her parenting skills and offered her their best wishes. In videos posted to the Duggar Family’s official blog, Jessa Seewald and Jana Duggar revealed they both aspire to be like their mother and former “19 Kids and Counting” co-star.

“So grateful for you. You’re my hero in life,” Michelle’s eldest daughter, Jana Duggar, 25, said in a video clip. Jana Duggar, who was recently rumored to be going to a Christian college and courting former NFL star Tim Tebow, says she hopes to become just like her mother. “I just hope to be like you someday,” she adds.

Jessa Seewald, Michelle Duggar’s fifth born, also shared a few special words with her mom. The 22-year-old former reality star, who is due to welcome her first child Nov. 1, says she plans to implement parenting skills used by her mom in her own child’s life.

“Two things that really stand out to me about the way you parent is, for one, your patience. You’re very patient with the kids and even whenever they’re acting up or doing something wrong you’re very calm in how you handle it,” she said. “And then, also, just your love for Jesus. I think that’s something that’s really stood out to me ... Anytime things are going crazy, you’re always just pointing us to Jesus. I know that’s your rock in tough times. I love you so much and I look up to you.”

This isn’t the first time Jessa Seewald has praised her mother’s child-rearing skills. In May, in honor of Mother’s Day 2015, she took to her blog to share a special message with Michelle Duggar. “As I think about the years growing up and just all the things you did for us kids, all the sacrifices you made for us over the years … just your love and your patience in raising us. I’m just so inspired. I’m really encouraged as I’m celebrating my first Mother’s Day this year to just look to your example.”

Michelle Duggar’s husband, Jim Bob Duggar, who shared his kids’ videos on the family’s Facebook page Sunday, also had a few sweet words for his wife. “Happy birthday, Michelle – a fantastic wife and a wonderful Mother! We love you more than we can ever put into words!” he wrote. “Your love, wisdom and grace are a treasure to us!"