Jana Duggar is reportedly considering parting ways with her devout family’s long-running television series “19 Kids and Counting” in favor of attending a Christian college, but is there any truth to the rumors?

OK! Magazine recently reported that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest daughter, 25, is looking to separate herself from her Arkansas family to expand her education. Despite the report suggesting that Jana is not keen on living “at her mom and dad’s house” forever and being their permanent live-in babysitter, we don’t think she'll be saying goodbye to viewers anytime soon.

Here are six reasons why we think Jana won’t leave TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting”:

1. Her studies haven't interfered with filming before.

While rumors suggest Jana wants to attend a Christian university, this isn’t her first schooling venture. In 2013, Jana and her sister Jill spoke out about their midwifery training. Several episodes showed the sisters providing prenatal care and helping deliver children.

“This is hands-on, apprenticeship-style, so we are really getting in there and getting to experience what midwifery and doula roles look like hands-on,” Jill said on the show.

“My goals in learning the midwifery skills are a little different than Jill’s. I’m gaining the skills, but I’m not necessarily wanting to be in charge of the entire situation,” Jana shared. “It kind of scares me a little and so I would rather just be on the sidelines.”

2. She has been on TV for over 10 years.

Reality TV doesn’t appear to be just a source of income for the Duggar family; after sharing their family antics with the world for more than a decade, it appears to be a way of life for the Arkansas clan. Jana was 11 when she first appeared on the network alongside her family in the TV special “14 Children and Pregnant Again.”

Throughout the series Jana has shared everything – including one embarrassing trip to the dentist -- with viewers. If history is any guide, she won't be parting ways with the show anytime soon.

3. She has been active on the series in recent episodes.

As the title of the TLC reality series indicates, there are 19 kids in Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s famous brood. While all members of the family are involved with the show in one way or another, not all of the its members are consistently featured on the interview portions of the series.

On recent Season 9 episodes of “19 Kids and Counting,” Jana is one of several members shown regularly. She was even featured in a recent episode. In the March 10 installment, “Racing to the Altar," Jana helped her newlywed sister Jill create a traditional Nepali dish for her husband, Derick Dillard. The trio later enjoyed the meal together in Jill and Derick’s expansive rental home.

4. She doesn't mind being in the spotlight.

Jana may not operate her own social media pages like a few of her fellow adult siblings do, but that doesn’t mean she shuns the spotlight. She frequently appears in candid shots on her parents' official Facebook page. In January, Michelle and Jim Bob wished Jana and her brother John David a happy birthday on the site, even sharing an exclusive snap of the twins smiling together at a restaurant. Jana was most recently seen on Michelle and Jim Bob’s page posing with family members on a trip to Texas.

5. She wasn't fazed by those pesky Tim Tebow rumors.

If anything was going to compel Jana to remove herself from the spotlight, it would have been rumors she was courting retired NFL star Tim Tebow. But even that didn’t seem to faze the longtime reality star.

In December, several magazines reported that Jim Bob was setting up Jana to date Tebow, 27. After another rumor surfaced stating that her cousin Amy tried to steal him away, Amy denied the claims on Twitter. “Looks like the tabloids are at it again! Jana and I laughed so hard about this. We’ve never even met Tim Tebow. #allsmilesnodrama,” she wrote.

6. There's talk of courtship in her future.

The Duggars are famous for letting their courtships – and eventually, their weddings – play out on camera. And while Jana has denied having a courtship with Tebow, one of her sisters seems to believe she might be the next member of the Duggar clan to tie the knot. In a recent interview with IslandPacket.com, Jessa Duggar, 22, revealed that she believes Jana – previously rumored to have refused to enter into a courtship -- or her 21-year-old sister Jinger will be next ones to walk down the aisle.

“Jana and Jinger are probably next in line,” Jessa said. "We talk with them a lot about what things are like for us. We all try to learn from each other, and the sister bonds that we have are so strong. But every relationship is so unique, so you have to take that into account. No two courtships or engagements are going to be exactly alike.”

Do you think Jana will leave "19 Kids and Counting"? Would you prefer to see her go? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. New episodes of "19 Kids and Counting" air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.