A poll conducted by USA Today/Gallup after Anthony was acquitted on Tuesday of murder charges in the death of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee reveals that nearly two-thirds of Americans think Casey Anthony is Guilty of murder.

As many as 64 percent of participants in a recent poll, believe Casey Anthony definitely or probably murdered her daughter.

A group of people protested outside Orange County Courthouse prior to the start of sentencing proceedings for Casey Anthony in Orlando, Florida July 7, 2011.

The Nation is still restless and 64 percent people who participated in the poll are unhappy with the verdict. Caylee murder case continues to hold the attention of people with debates and protests, personal interviews, and even alleged death threats directed at the Anthony family.

The poll which had 1,010 adult participants revealed that more women than men believed that Anthony was guilty of murder of her daughter, and were upset by the 'not guilty' verdict.

Women were more than twice as likely as men, 28 percent vs. 11 percent, to think Anthony definitely murdered two-year-old Caylee. Twenty-seven percent of women said they were angry about the verdict, compared with 9 percent of men.

In spite of the verdict, arguments are still on among the legal analysts as to establish the real cause of Caleey's death. Her remains were found in the woods in Florida in December 2008, there was a duct tape dangling from the child's skull, and jurors are even chiming in to explain their unpopular decision to acquit Anthony. There are just too many unanswered questions still.

Jennifer Ford, the juror number three, told ABC News that she and the other jurors cried and were sick to their stomachs after voting to acquit Casey Anthony of the charges.

I did not say she was innocent, Ford said in the interview. I just said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be.

Casey Anthony has been termed as a Pathological Liar for all that she said and hid from the police after her daughter went missing. But again, Ford said bad behavior is not enough to prove a crime and her actions could be blamed on her family dynamic.

The USA Today poll found that half of Americans followed the case verdict very or somewhat closely.

Legal analysts also question as to how many people have changed their minds about Anthony's acquittal since the trial started.

According to Mark Blumenthal, The Huffington Post polling editor, the opinions are fickle, given that different phrasings have elicited different responses.

As a general rule, when small, subtle changes in wording produce strange or unexpected differences, the culprit is usually fleeting reactions that are not grounded in strongly held opinions, Blumenthal said in an interview.

This is what pollsters call non-attitudes.

Casey Anthgony will be released on Sunday, July 17.

Analysts say, Casey Anthony can be in danger after her release from the jail because of the close involvement of the people with the case, and the strong reaction after the verdict.

I actually was shocked at the verdict because I followed the case with my entire neighborhood and we all thought she would be found guilty, said Michelle Litton, a resident of Orange Beach, Ala.

But, in all sincerity, I hope Casey Anthony has a chance to redeem herself in the public's eye one day. I pray she will some day have a relationship with God. That will probably be the only thing that saves her. People publicly throwing stones should not judge others because we are all sinners, a Christianpost report said.

There are numerous speculations about Anthony's life after jail, as a free woman. Selling her story to the media, to accepting the porn offer from Vivid Entertainment are the options available to her.

The history of law and crime does not really show a bright, rich or happy life for Anthony ahead. If OJ Simpson's case was to be considered, his book, If I Did It, became a publishing fiasco in 2006. The book and a TV special were later canceled, and publisher Judith Regan lost her job. Simpson was acquitted from charges of killing of his ex-wife.