With barely over a month left before “2 Broke Girls” Season 6 makes its way to television, the show’s stars Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings are making fans miss their tandem as they share way-too-cute photos and videos on their social media page.

Behrs seems to enjoy doing this the most. On her Twitter account (@BethBehrs), the actress posted a video showing her and Dennings with deer filters. The two happily said hello, then Behrs said, “I’m a deer!” Dennings looked at her best friend and added, “You’re a-deer-able!” Then both ladies shared cute giggles.

“I'm a -deer-able! #weneverhavebreaks #whenwedothishappens @OfficialKat,” Behrs wrote as a caption.

Later, Behrs poked fun at their faces as they used the face swap application. “Happy Thursday from what I'd look like with @OfficialKat 's face. Gorgeous,” she wrote.

“2 Broke Girls” co-creator Whitney Cummings appreciated the girls’ humor, commenting on the photo that her brain exploded. A fan named Gatorbug also wrote, “You two are totally amazing. Woot woot!”

Behrs and Dennings’ characters Caroline Channing and Max Black, respectively, are going to open their own dessert bar next season. J. Petto (Andy Dick) from “2 Broke Girls” Season 2, episode 7 is already slated to make a guest appearance, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The puppet master was scaring customers away from the girls’ old cupcake shop because of his creepy puppet performance, so the girls sent him away. But as he was leaving, he accidentally slipped and decided to sue the girls. Since they can’t pay him, the girls went to his apartment and apologized. In the end, he and the girls strike a compromise regarding the lawsuit.

Will J. Petto give another performance in Season 6 and hope for another mishap to ensue? Or will he just be a regular customer?