The National Football League (NFL) release its 2012 schedule on Tuesday with details about the 17-week, 256-game regular-season schedule and the Super Bowl XLVII.

As previously known since last month, the season opener will be Sept. 5 at MetLife Stadium between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys on Wednesday.

The kickoff weekend has 13 games scheduled, most notably the AFC champs the New England Patriots against the Tennessee Titans and Peyton Manning's debut with the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Sept. 9.

The first Monday Night Football will be Cincinatti versus Baltimore and Oakland versus San Diego.

There will be 14 Thursday night games in 2012 beginning in Week 2 with the Bears and the Packers. Two games will be played overseas: The St. Louis Rams as the home team against the Patriots in London on Oct. 28 and the Seahawks versus the Bills in Toronto on Dec. 16.

Bye weeks begin in Week 4 and extend until Week 11.

Super Bowl XLVII will be held at the Superdome in New Orleans on Feb. 3.

View the full week by week regular season schedule below, courtesy of the National Football League.

2012 NFL Week By Week Schedule

Week 1

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
9/5/12 (Wednesday) Dallas at New York Giants 8:30PM (NBC)
9/9/12 Indianapolis at Chicago 1PM
9/9/12 Jacksonville at Minnesota 1PM
9/9/12 Buffalo at NY Jets 1PM
9/9/12 Miami at Houston 1PM
9/9/12 New England at Tennessee 1PM
9/9/12 St. Louis at Detroit 1PM
9/9/12 Washington at New Orleans 1PM
9/9/12 Philadelphia at Cleveland 1PM
9/9/12 Atlanta at Kansas City 1PM
9/9/12 San Francisco at Green Bay 4:15PM
9/9/12 Seattle at Arizona 4:15PM
9/9/12 Carolina at Tampa Bay 4:15PM
9/9/12 (Sunday Night) Pittsburgh at Denver 8:20PM (NBC)
9/10/12 (Monday Night) Cincinnati at Baltimore 7PM (ESPN)
9/10/12 (Monday Night) San Diego at Oakland 10:15PM (ESPN)

Week 2

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
9/13/12 (Thursday) Chicago at Green Bay 8:20PM (NFL Network)
9/16/12 Tampa Bay at NY Giants 1PM
9/16/12 New Orleans at Carolina 1PM
9/16/12 Arizona at New England 1PM
9/16/12 Minnesota at Indianapolis 1PM
9/16/12 Baltimore at Philadelphia 1PM
9/16/12 Kansas City at Buffalo 1PM
9/16/12 Cleveland at Cincinnati 1PM
9/16/12 Houston at Jacksonville 1PM
9/16/12 Dallas at Seattle 4:05PM
9/16/12 Washington at St. Louis 4:05PM
9/16/12 NY Jets at Pittsburgh 4:15PM
9/16/12 Tennessee at San Diego 4:15PM
9/16/12 Oakland at Miami 4:15PM
9/16/12 (Sunday Night) Detroit at San Francisco 8:20PM (NBC)
9/17/12 (Monday Night) Denver at Atlanta 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 3

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
9/20/12 (Thursday) NY Giants at Carolina 8:20PM (NFL Network)
9/23/12 Tampa Bay at Dallas 1PM
9/23/12 St. Louis at Chicago 1PM
9/23/12 San Francisco at Minnesota 1PM
9/23/12 Detroit at Tennessee 1PM
9/23/12 Cincinnati at Washington 1PM
9/23/12 Kansas City at New Orleans 1PM
9/23/12 NY Jets at Miami 1PM
9/23/12 Buffalo at Cleveland 1PM
9/23/12 Jacksonville at Indianapolis 1PM
9/23/12 Philadelphia at Arizona 4:05PM
9/23/12 Atlanta at San Diego 4:05PM
9/23/12 Houston at Denver 4:15PM
9/23/12 Pittsburgh at Oakland 4:15PM
9/23/12 (Sunday Night) New England at Baltimore 8:20PM (NBC)
9/24/12 (Monday Night) Green Bay at Seattle 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 4

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
9/27/12 (Thursday) Cleveland at Baltimore 8:20PM (NFL Network)
9/30/12 New England at Buffalo 1PM
9/30/12 Tennessee at Houston 1PM
9/30/12 San Diego at Kansas City 1PM
9/30/12 Minnesota at Detroit 1PM
9/30/12 Carolina at Atlanta 1PM
9/30/12 Seattle at St. Louis 1PM
9/30/12 San Francisco at NY Jets 1PM
9/30/12 Miami at Arizona 4:05PM
9/30/12 Oakland at Denver 4:05PM
9/30/12 Cincinnati at Jacksonville 4:05PM
9/30/12 New Orleans at Green Bay 4:15PM
9/30/12 Washington at Tampa Bay 4:15PM
9/30/12 (Sunday Night) NY Giants at Philadelphia 8:20PM (NBC)
10/1/12 (Monday Night) Chicago at Dallas 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 5

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
10/4/12 (Thursday) Arizona at St. Louis 8:20PM (NFL Network)
10/7/12 Atlanta at Washington 1PM
10/7/12 Philadelphia at Pittsburgh 1PM
10/7/12 Green Bay at Indianapolis 1PM
10/7/12 Cleveland at NY Giants 1PM
10/7/12 Tennessee at Minnesota 1PM
10/7/12 Miami at Cincinnati 1PM
10/7/12 Baltimore at Kansas City 1PM
10/7/12 Seattle at Carolina 4:05PM
10/7/12 Chicago at Jacksonville 4:05PM
10/7/12 Denver at New England 4:15PM
10/7/12 Buffalo at San Francisco 4:15PM
10/7/12 (Sunday Night) San Diego at New Orleans 8:20PM (NBC)
10/8/12 (Monday Night) Houston at NY Jets 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 6

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
10/11/12 (Thursday) Pittsburgh at Tennessee 8:20PM (NFL Network)
10/14/12 Oakland at Atlanta 1PM
10/14/12 Kansas City at Tampa Bay 1PM
10/14/12 Indianapolis at NY Jets 1PM
10/14/12 Cincinnati at Cleveland 1PM
10/14/12 Detroit at Philadelphia 1PM
10/14/12 St. Louis at Miami 1PM
10/14/12 Dallas at Baltimore 1PM
10/14/12 Buffalo at Arizona 4:05PM
10/14/12 New England at Seattle 4:05PM
10/14/12 NY Giants at San Francisco 4:15PM
10/14/12 Minnesota at Washington 4:15PM
10/14/12 (Sunday Night) Green Bay at Houston 8:20PM (NBC)
10/15/12 (Monday Night) Denver at San Diego 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 7

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
10/18/12 (Thursday) Seattle at San Francisco 8:20PM (NFL Network)
10/21/12 Washington at NY Giants 1PM
10/21/12 Arizona at Minnesota 1PM
10/21/12 Dallas at Carolina 1PM
10/21/12 New Orleans at Tampa Bay 1PM
10/21/12 Green Bay at St. Louis 1PM
10/21/12 Baltimore at Houston 1PM
10/21/12 Cleveland at Indianapolis 1PM
10/21/12 Tennessee at Buffalo 1PM
10/21/12 NY Jets at New England 4:15PM
10/21/12 Jacksonville at Oakland 4:15PM
10/21/12 (Sunday Night) Pittsburgh at Cincinnati 8:20PM (NBC)
10/22/12 (Monday Night) Detroit at Chicago 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 8

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
10/25/12 (Thursday) Tampa Bay at Minnesota 8:20PM (NFL Network)
10/28/12 Jacksonville at Green Bay 1PM
10/28/12 Miami at NY Jets 1PM
10/28/12 San Diego at Cleveland 1PM
10/28/12 Indianapolis at Tennessee 1PM
10/28/12 New England at St. Louis 1PM
10/28/12 Atlanta at Philadelphia 1PM
10/28/12 Carolina at Chicago 1PM
10/28/12 Seattle at Detroit 1PM
10/28/12 Washington at Pittsburgh 1PM
10/28/12 Oakland at Kansas City 4:05PM
10/28/12 NY Giants at Dallas 4:15PM
10/28/12 (Sunday Night) New Orleans at Denver 8:20PM (NBC)
10/29/12 (Monday Night) San Francisco at Arizona 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 9

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
11/1/12 (Thursday) Kansas City at San Diego 8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/4/12 Carolina at Washington 1PM
11/4/12 Arizona at Green Bay 1PM
11/4/12 Detroit at Jacksonville 1PM
11/4/12 Chicago at Tennessee 1PM
11/4/12 Denver at Cincinnati 1PM
11/4/12 Baltimore at Cleveland 1PM
11/4/12 Buffalo at Houston 1PM
11/4/12 Miami at Indianapolis 1PM
11/4/12 Minnesota at Seattle 4:05PM
11/4/12 Tampa Bay at Oakland 4:05PM
11/4/12 Pittsburgh at NY Giants 4:15PM
11/4/12 (Sunday Night) Dallas at Atlanta 8:20PM (NBC)
11/5/12 (Monday Night) Philadelphia at New Orleans 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 10

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
11/8/12 (Thursday) Indianapolis at Jacksonville 8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/11/12 Denver at Carolina 1PM
11/11/12 San Diego at Tampa Bay 1PM
11/11/12 Tennessee at Miami 1PM
11/11/12 Buffalo at New England 1PM
11/11/12 Oakland at Baltimore 1PM
11/11/12 NY Giants at Cincinnati 1PM
11/11/12 Atlanta at New Orleans 1PM
11/11/12 Detroit at Minnesota 1PM
11/11/12 NY Jets at Seattle 4:05PM
11/11/12 Dallas at Philadelphia 4:15PM
11/11/12 St. Louis at San Francisco 4:15PM
11/11/12 (Sunday Night) Houston at Chicago 8:20PM (NBC)
11/12/12 (Monday Night) Kansas City at Pittsburgh 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 11

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
11/15/12 (Thursday) Miami at Buffalo 8:20PM (NFL Network)
11/18/12 Philadelphia at Washington 1PM
11/18/12 Green Bay at Detroit 1PM
11/18/12 Arizona at Atlanta 1PM
11/18/12 Tampa Bay at Carolina 1PM
11/18/12 Cleveland at Dallas 1PM
11/18/12 NY Jets at St. Louis 1PM
11/18/12 Indianapolis at New England 1PM
11/18/12 Jacksonville at Houston 1PM
11/18/12 Cincinnati at Kansas City 1PM
11/18/12 New Orleans at Oakland 4:05PM
11/18/12 San Diego at Denver 4:15PM
11/18/12 (Sunday Night) Baltimore at Pittsburgh 8:20PM (NBC)
11/19/12 (Monday Night) Chicago at San Francisco 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 12

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
11/22/12 (Thanksgiving) Houston at Detroit 12:30PM (CBS)
11/22/12 (Thanksgiving) Washington at Dallas 4:15PM (FOX)
11/22/12 (Thanksgiving) New England at NY Jets 8:20PM (NBC)
11/25/12 Oakland at Cincinnati 1PM
11/25/12 Pittsburgh at Cleveland 1PM
11/25/12 Buffalo at Indianapolis 1PM
11/25/12 Tennessee at Jacksonville 1PM
11/25/12 Denver at Kansas City 1PM
11/25/12 Minnesota at Chicago 1PM
11/25/12 Atlanta at Tampa Bay 1PM
11/25/12 Seattle at Miami 1PM
11/25/12 Baltimore at San Diego 4:05PM
11/25/12 San Francisco at New Orleans 4:15PM
11/25/12 St. Louis at Arizona 4:15PM
11/25/12 (Sunday Night) Green Bay at NY Giants 8:20PM (NBC)
11/26/12 (Monday Night) Carolina at Philadelphia 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 13

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
11/29/12 (Thursday) New Orleans at Atlanta 8:20PM (NFL Network)
12/2/12 Seattle at Chicago 1PM
12/2/12 Minnesota at Green Bay 1PM
12/2/12 San Francisco at St. Louis 1PM
12/2/12 Arizona at NY Jets 1PM
12/2/12 Carolina at Kansas City 1PM
12/2/12 Indianapolis at Detroit 1PM
12/2/12 Jacksonville at Buffalo 1PM
12/2/12 New England at Miami 1PM
12/2/12 Houston at Tennessee 1PM
12/2/12 Tampa Bay at Denver 4:05PM
12/2/12 Pittsburgh at Baltimore 4:15PM
12/2/12 Cleveland at Oakland 4:15PM
12/2/12 Cincinnati at San Diego 4:15PM
12/2/12 (Sunday Night) Philadelphia at Dallas 8:20PM (NBC)
12/3/12 (Monday Night) NY Giants at Washington 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 14

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
12/6/12 (Thursday) Denver at Oakland 8:20PM (NFL Network)
12/9/12 Baltimore at Washington 1PM
12/9/12 Kansas City at Cleveland 1PM
12/9/12 San Diego at Pittsburgh 1PM
12/9/12 Tennessee at Indianapolis 1PM
12/9/12 NY Jets at Jacksonville 1PM
12/9/12 Chicago at Minnesota 1PM
12/9/12 Atlanta at Carolina 1PM
12/9/12 Philadelphia at Tampa Bay 1PM
12/9/12 St. Louis at Buffalo 1PM
12/9/12 Dallas at Cincinnati 1PM
12/9/12 Miami at San Francisco 4:05PM
12/9/12 New Orleans at NY Giants 4:15PM
12/9/12 Arizona at Seattle 4:15PM
12/9/12 (Sunday Night) Detroit at Green Bay 8:20PM (NBC)
12/10/12 (Monday Night) Houston at New England 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 15

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
12/13/12 (Thursday) Cincinnati at Philadelphia 8:20PM (NFL Network)
12/16/12 Green Bay at Chicago 1PM
12/16/12 NY Giants at Atlanta 1PM
12/16/12 Tampa Bay at New Orleans 1PM
12/16/12 Minnesota at St. Louis 1PM
12/16/12 Washington at Cleveland 1PM
12/16/12 Jacksonville at Miami 1PM
12/16/12 Denver at Baltimore 1PM
12/16/12 Indianapolis at Houston 1PM
12/16/12 Detroit at Arizona 4:05PM
12/16/12 Carolina at San Diego 4:05PM
12/16/12 Seattle at Buffalo 4:05PM
12/16/12 Pittsburgh at Dallas 4:15PM
12/16/12 Kansas City at Oakland 4:15PM
12/16/12 (Sunday Night) San Francisco at New England 8:20PM (NBC)
12/17/12 (Monday Night) NY Jets at Tennessee 8:30PM (ESPN)

Week 16

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
12/22/12 (Saturday) Atlanta at Detroit 8:30PM (ESPN)
12/23/12 Tennessee at Green Bay 1PM
12/23/12 Oakland at Carolina 1PM
12/23/12 Buffalo at Miami 1PM
12/23/12 Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 1PM
12/23/12 New England at Jacksonville 1PM
12/23/12 Indianapolis at Kansas City 1PM
12/23/12 New Orleans at Dallas 1PM
12/23/12 Washington at Philadelphia 1PM
12/23/12 St. Louis at Tampa Bay 1PM
12/23/12 NY Giants at Baltimore 1PM
12/23/12 Minnesota at Houston 1PM
12/23/12 Cleveland at Denver 4:05PM
12/23/12 Chicago at Arizona 4:15PM
12/23/12 San Francisco at Seattle 4:15PM
12/23/12 (Sunday Night) San Diego at NY Jets 8:20PM (NBC)

Week 17

Date Matchup Time (Eastern Time)
12/30/12 NY Jets at Buffalo 1PM
12/30/12 Miami at New England 1PM
12/30/12 Baltimore at Cincinnati 1PM
12/30/12 Cleveland at Pittsburgh 1PM
12/30/12 Houston at Indianapolis 1PM
12/30/12 Jacksonville at Tennessee 1PM
12/30/12 Philadelphia at NY Giants 1PM
12/30/12 Dallas at Washington 1PM
12/30/12 Chicago at Detroit 1PM
12/30/12 Green Bay at Minnesota 1PM
12/30/12 Tampa Bay at Atlanta 1PM
12/30/12 Carolina at New Orleans 1PM
12/30/12 Kansas City at Denver 4:15PM
12/30/12 Oakland at San Diego 4:15PM
12/30/12 Arizona at San Francisco 4:15PM
12/30/12 St. Louis at Seattle 4:15PM