2012 Year In Review: Austerity Protests Rock Europe's Capitals

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Scroll down to see photos of protests of against austerity in Spain, Greece and Portugal in 2012. 

Protester In Madrid
A protester in central Madrid heckles people eating at a restaurant that decided to remain open in the midst of a general strike. Reuters
Demonstrator In Athens' Syntagma Square
A naked demonstrator runs through Athens' Syntagma Square during protests on Oct. 9. Reuters
Athens Protesters Against Merkel Visit
Protesters marched in Athens during a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Reuters
Spanish Police Clash With Protesters
Spanish police violently clash with protesters on the street. Reuters
Athens Riot Police Officer Engulfed In Flames
A Greek riot police officer is engulfed in flames after being hit by a gasoline bomb during massive protests in Athens. Reuters
Spanish Riot Police Surround Protester
Spanish riot police surround a protester during anti-government rallies in Madrid. Reuters
Greek Riot Police Clash With Colleagues On Strike
On-duty Greek riot police clashed with a small contingent of colleagues on strike in an event that put an emotional climax to a week of protests in Greece. Reuters
Hand-Made Protest Signs In Lisbon
Portugal: Hand-made signs decorate the pavement at Lisbon's Terrero do Paco square during anti-austerity protests. Reuters
Athens Protester
An anti-austerity protester wrapped in a Greek flag sits in front of police guarding parliament in Athens during a demonstration on the second day of a 48-hour strike by Greek unions. Reuters/Yannis Behrakis
Demonstrators In Lisbon's Terrero Do Paco Square
Demonstrators arrive at Terrero do Paco Square during a massive protest in Lisbon. Reuters/Rafael Marchante
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