“XCOM 2,” a PC exclusive strategy game from 2K Games, will be delayed till February 2016. The game’s original launch date shocked many as it was announced earlier this year and was slated for a release this fall. It seems that the developers got overly ambitious, as the game has now been delayed so that developers can make the title better to provide a smoother experience for players.

The game has now been solicited for a Feb. 5, 2016 release date so that developers have more time to work on the game. The studio raised expectations after releasing the critically acclaimed “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

Apparently, fans can also look forward to the game having more replayability and depth with the sequel, as 2K promised that they would be fine tuning these elements to make the game better than its predecessor. Considering how groundbreaking “Enemy Unknown” was to players old and new, “XCOM 2” is expected to have an uphill battle to climb against plenty of fan expectations.

Firaxis thanked fans for their patience, according to GameSpot, since the game is currently one of the most anticipated strategy titles of next year. Numerous games have been getting delayed lately, including “Mighty No. 9” from Comcept.

One of the more shocking aspects about “XCOM 2” is that the aliens have finally taken over the world. Players are now the human resistance that is trying to reclaim their world from the alien menace, when they used to be the military’s best option in the previous game.

From the gameplay seen so far, it seems like missions will require players to be more strategic and stealthy when it comes to reaching the goal. Players also do not have the resources they used to own, so they have to be careful with the equipment and characters used in each mission.

As mentioned previously, “XCOM 2” will be a PC exclusive when it is released early next year. While the developers stated that the game might come to consoles in the future, nothing official has been stated about it so far. 

Official XCOM 2 “Welcome to the Avenger” Gameplay (Credit: YouTube/Official 2K International)