The PC-exclusive “XCOM 2” has had many fans going crazy, especially since its prequel “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” was such a big hit from publisher 2K Games and developer Firaxis Games. Now, 2K games has released a 10-minute video that is filled with gameplay, while also showcasing the game’s new setting and environment, as “XCOM 2” will have a more stealth-oriented focus than the prequel.

This isn’t the same world that was in the previous “XCOM” game, as the aliens have officially ruled Earth for 20 years and now call themselves “the Advent,” as reported by Polygon. Of course they haven’t seen any action movies, so they don’t realize that humanity won’t be giving up without a fight, so a small group of XCOM soldiers decide to make the world a better place by ridding it of the Advent.

It’s clear how bad things have gotten in the 10-minute gameplay video, which can be seen below. Instead of an all-out war or an invasion of an enemy’s base, the video takes place during a conference sponsored by the Advent. Players will have to take out security and the Advent member holding the conference, while trying to be as stealthy as possible. As the video goes on, it’s clear that some situations can’t be helped and stealthiness has to be abandoned for all-out combat.

Some things are worth mentioning, like how cutscenes integrate into the gameplay without any distracting loading screens or odd transitions. Instead, the game flows seamlessly, showing that the story informs gameplay as well, making the tactical combat as immersive as ever.

Game Informer has stated that there are a number of new enemy types that were introduced in the video, including the odd snake soldier from the announcement trailer. As the video ends a bunch of big brutes show up, so it seems like they’ll take quite a few hits before going down.

“XCOM 2” will be coming out on PC later this year. It’s not clear if the exclusivity on the PC platform will be permanent or not. 

XCOM 2 - E3 2015 Gameplay (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)