“XCOM 2,” the sequel to the critically acclaimed “XCOM: Enemy Unknown,” has been announced by game developer 2K via a report from IGN. The second game of the rebooted turn-based strategy series will be a Windows PC exclusive and will not be coming to consoles, unlike its predecessor. It is to be released by November, just in time for the holiday season.

“XCOM 2” is the “Advent” game that 2K has been teasing for some time, reports Polygon. It’s been confirmed that the setting will have humanity under the rule of the alien forces, and a group of soldiers must uncover the truth. The game will be developed by Firaxis Games, who developed the reboot “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” as well as the acclaimed “Civilization” games.

Now that the aliens have taken over, XCOM is no longer the leading force to resist them. There is now a covert operation secretly fighting back against the aliens, after they installed the “Advent” government. This is probably why the game’s teasers were so cryptic and disturbing.

With XCOM being more of a covert group than a proper army, it seems players will have to be more careful with their resources and strategies this time around. While saving the best resources and soldiers was a big part of “Enemy Unknown,” the fact that the aliens rule everything has changed the game quite a bit.

No gameplay footage has been released yet, but 2K will reportedly show the first gameplay video come E3 2015 in two weeks. There were rumors that the new “Advent” game would be a triple A title for 2K. Now that it has been revealed that “Advent” is actually “XCOM 2,” it seems like the game’s status could be even bigger, considering what a hit the first “XCOM” game was.

XCOM 2 Reveal Trailer – IGN First (Credit: YouTube/IGN)