In a bust that could easily be the plot of the next “Super Troopers” movie, the Texas Highway Patrol seized 3.9 tons of marijuana during a routine traffic stop on Thursday.

A Texas Highway Patrol trooper stopped a passing gas tanker for a routine visual inspection, only to discover that the vehicle was actually carrying a massive payload of marijuana, Yahoo! News reports. According to reports, the tanker was covertly transporting an incredible 3.9 tons of the illicit drug. Authorities have yet to reveal how the trooper managed to make the discovery.

According to a news release by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the seized marijuana shipment is believed to have a street value of around $3.4 million. After the search, the driver of the tanker was arrested and charged with possession. The driver is still in police custody, with his bond set at $1 million. His name has yet to be released.

Department of Public Safety spokesperson Sgt. Johnny Hernandez added that more arrests may occur as the investigation progresses.

In an interview with NBC News, Hernandez said that the 3.9 tons of marijuana amounted to one of the largest drug busts in recent memory. He referred to the massive bust as “a big, significant seizure,” NBC News reports.

The Texas pot seizure comes on the heels of a similar incident in California. In March, Santa Barbara authorities discovered $4 million worth of marijuana in an abandoned boat on a local beach.