It remains unknown how $4 million worth of marijuana landed up on a California beach.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office discovered nearly 2,000 pounds of pot after being called to investigate an abandoned panga-style fishing boat Sunday, KABC reports.

When they arrived, police found bales of marijuana around the area, according to the news outlet. Authorities also discovered hidden compartments on the boat, two outboard engines and more than 20 fuel containers, leading them to believe that it was used for marijuana smuggling, according to a press release from the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office.

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Panga fishing boats are small watercrafts powered by outboard motors, according to the police statement. The boats are commonly used to smuggle drugs and people between the United States and Mexico. Last year, more than 20 panga boats landed on the Santa Barbara coastline transporting illegal goods, according to the police statement.  

This was Santa Barbara's second major pot discovery.

Earlier this month, $1 million worth of pot was discovered on another beach in Santa Barbara County from a boat that crashed near Vandenberg Air Force Base, the LA Times reports.