Most 6 year old boys have big dreams of flying in Space as an astronaut, but very few act on these dreams and make them a reality. This is what makes Connor Johnson different, a young boy who has been dreaming of working for NASA since he was 3 years old. Johnson used this dream to fuel an online petition to help NASA’s funding after their budget cuts.

Starting small Johnson donated the funds from his piggy bank giving NASA a little over $10. He then started an online petition on The White House website to help NASA with their funding and got over 22,000 signatures. Sadly, his petition fell short of gaining attention from The White House as it failed to gain the 100,000 signatures that were needed.

But he did get the attention of NASA as he was invited from his home in Colorado to the Kennedy Space Center where he met Bob Cabana a former space shuttle commander. There, Johnson got to see firsthand what it would be like to work for NASA.

Who knows he could be part of the 2030 NASA crew to visit Mars- he is about the right age now to start dreaming, and by the looks of things he may just have the passion and drive to make his dream of becoming an astronaut a reality.