Avery Molek knows how to rock.

The 6-year-old from Washington, Pa., is a drumming prodigy and has become a rising YouTube sensation.

The first-grader’s YouTube channel has more than 60 videos of Avery jamming out to his favorite classic rock songs. His latest release, “Hot For Teacher,” by Van Halen racked up more than 681,000 hits in just over a week.

“He doesn't want to play for the fame and be noticed. He just loves music,” Avery’s father, Ed Molek, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

And Avery likes to perform.

He played 15 shows when he was 5 years old, including Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Café and the Illinois State Fair. His videos were spotted by KISS drummer Eric Singer who shared Avery’s talent on the band’s Facebook page and website.  

The attention from KISS was a dream come true for the first-grader who is a big fan of the band. His parents remember their son mastering the KISS songs when he was a toddler.

"We started to notice that he was learning songs by ear. One day, he started playing a song -- a Kiss song -- and doing a lot of the intricate things, like hitting the cymbal and stopping it with his hand, and getting the core beats almost instantly," Ed Molek told the Post-Gazette.

Despite Avery’s big talent, he is still a 6-year-old boy who makes time for other loves like video games and basketball. He practices with an instructor 30 minutes per week and 15 minutes at home, three times a week in his family’s basement, ABC News reports.

“If he doesn't have fun and doesn't enjoy it, we won't do it," Molek told the news outlet. "That's our gauge."