The console race continues.

Not that anyone expected it to end anytime soon -- the game generation has only just begun -- but it looks like Microsoft got a big boost over the holiday season. The Redmond M is close to surpassing the 4 million-unit mark, which is decidedly impressive for a console that’s been available for only two months. Let’s not forget that Microsoft’s 3.9 million sales are still trailing Sony’s 4.2 million. Assuming you subscribe to the theory that the best console will sell the most units, it’s worth noting that both Sony and Microsoft are on the cusp of passing Nintendo.

Don’t forget - the WiiIU has sold over 5 million units. But it’s been out since 2012. Unless Nintendo brings the ship up to the surface, Sony and Microsoft will sink the WiiU in 2014. Nintendo’s projected 2014 lineup may well shift some momentum their way.

Though they’ll probably have to do it without “Watch Dogs,” the action title with hacking and lots of things that go ka-boom. GameStop is reportedly canceling pre-orders for the WiiU version of the game. Whether or not that actually matters is up for discussion -- Ubisoft (the company behind “Watch Dogs”) is a huge third-party developer, and Nintendo surely needs more third-party support, but by the same token, would the game sell well on the WiiU?