Jennifer Lopez is not one to stay single for long. The Bronx-born diva has jumped from man to man while marrying a few in the process.

For some reason, after five very public failed relationships, she just won't take a break from love affairs and enjoy her millions as a single lady. As soon as her seven-year marriage to Marc Anthony ended, Lopez was in a serious relationship with Casper Smart (now 25). There are several reasons why the pair don't seem to be a good match. First, he is nearly 20 years younger than the 44-year-old J-Lo. Second, he is an up-and-coming backup dancer, who is far beneath the accomplished superstar.

Smart seems to be riding on the coattails of the actress/singer/dance/designer/producer's success. Was he really qualified to direct the music video Dance Again? Not really, but he was given the opportunity for no other reason than his status as Lopez's boy toy. He's also in an obscene number of shots. Who's the star of the video again? At times it seems as though it isn't J-Lo.

When a celebrity dates an unknown it's not hard to assume they'e being used. Smart may be interested in the hot-bodied Lopez, but he's not passing up any opportunities to generate fame for himself. Besides, there are plenty of eligible men in Hollywood that would line up to be on Lopez's arm. Here are seven men at Lopez's level of fame that would be better for Jenny than Casper Smart!