7 Photos Of Jupiter, The Giant Of Our Solar System, From Juno

This image of clouds on Jupiter was taken by the Juno spacecraft.NASA
The two white ovals on Jupiter in this photo are part of the "String of Pearls," a line of huge rotating storms on the planet. NASA
This artistic rendering shows what the Juno craft conducting flybys around Jupiter might look like.NASA
The bands of clouds on Jupiter, pictured here, show the areas on the planet where gas is rising (lighter) and where gas is sinking (darker).NASA
Juno captured this photo of the upper layers of the clouds on Jupiter in Feb. 2017. Clouds can be seen spinning off of a cloud system in the southern hemisphere of the planet. NASA
Juno capture this photo while flying directly over the south pole of Jupiter at more than 62,000 above the cloud tops.NASA
This series of photos was taken during Juno's eights flyby and approach of Jupiter taken in Sept. 2017. The photos include parts of the planet referred to as "Coolest Place on Jupiter" and "Dalmatian Zone/Eye of Odin."NASA