Perhaps a New Castle, Ind., man should have just gone to White Castle.

Gregory Jackson Sr., 52, was arrested on Friday after he repeatedly called 911 and asked for a cheeseburger. New Castle Police said Jackson was so hungry that he dialed emergency services nine times in a 90-minute window.

The police dispatcher sent officers to Jackson’s apartment out of fear he “hadn't had anything to eat in a long time.” Instead of giving him a cheeseburger, police ended up arresting Jackson after finding a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear in court two days prior on an unrelated matter, said.

News8 obtained a transcript of Jackson’s 911 cheeseburger calls; much of what he said can be hard to understand.

“DispatcherDo you have an emergency sir, because you dialed 911. 
GregoryI dialed 911. 
DispatcherYeah you dialed 911. 

DispatcherI don't, I am not understanding a word your saying sir. 
DispatcherOK, what did you need? 

DispatcherOK, so why did you call 911 for, what do you need.  
DispatcherDo you have an emergency? 
GregoryA cheeseburger. 
DispatcherHave a good day.”


“Dispatcher:  911, Your emergency. 
GregYes, I just spoke with you. You hung up on me. 
DispatcherWell I asked if you had an emergency. You said no, you needed a cheeseburger. So we don't take cheeseburger orders.”


“DispatcherYou know if you give me some information maybe we can try and help you out.”

Police didn't immediately arrest Jackson on charges related to the 911 calls, WishTV said. He has a long criminal history, including serving time for theft, dealing a controlled substance and criminal recklessness, it said.

He was being held at Henry County Jail and has been scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.