A war between 90s pop stars erupted this weekend when former teen heartthrob Aaron Carter was allegedly jumped by fans of the boy band “New Kids on the Block.”

The 25-year-old singer told TMZ Sunday that he was attacked by four male fans of the band during a recent tour stop in Boston, Mass. Carter claims that the men approached him a parking lot after exiting out of a gold Chevy Malibu, yelling at the singer for performing in the hometown of the “New Kids on the Block" group members.

The “I Want Candy” singer said the fans yelled, “I heard you’re doing a show here tomorrow” and “This is the town of the New Kids" before beating him, punching him once in the face. Carter, who admitted he attempted to fight back against the group, said he threw a few punches before the unidentified males fled. “That’s what they get,” said Carter. “People think I’m a pretty little white boy but no way.”

Carter, who shared a photo of his injuries, said the assault has left him with broken bones. “I think my knuckles might be broken… [but] I’m still standing,” he said. According to the report, the singer refused to file a police report regarding the incident saying doing so would be “girlie.”

Following the assault, Carter addressed the fight on his Twitter account Sunday thanking his fans for their support and confirming his injuries were the result of an altercation. Despite his claims, the singer said that it was impossible to know if his attackers are “New Kids on the Block” fans.





Carter is currently on his "The After Party Tour 2013" and is due to perform next in Allenton, PA on June 26. The singer’s tour ends in Bowling Green, OH on Oct. 24.