Aaron Carter, teen heartthrob and younger brother of one the main roles of formative boy band The Backstreet Boys, has been under the weather lately, and using his Twitter feed to update fans, in detail.

Carter took to Twitter Saturday to explain his Friday absence from the off-Broadway show he stars in, The Fantasticks. First Carter simply said that he had strep throat, using the hashtag, #StrepThroat A few days later, though, he tweeted out something a little more heartfelt:

Still missing my sister and now getting over the shock of her death.. It might have made me sick at this point. #RIP #LeslieCarter ;(

Life is precious & fragile u don't realize it until u go through an experience like I have recently with my sister. Choose life. Not drugs..

He must have been pretty floored to have not been able to perform, considering he told Playbill just how natural his performance had become: I've gotten to a point with this show where I know that I don't have to think about the lines. I don't have to think about the music - the material - it just happens and it's real.

Carter's been struggling to keep his career and family life in check during this difficult time following the untimely death of Lesley. Rumors swirled in February when brother Nick did not attend Lesley's funeral. But it appears the entire family just hopes to struggle through.

The Fantasticks is off-Broadway at Midtown's Snapple Theater Center. Check out a backstage interview with Carter below: