Former New England Patriots tight end and accused murderer Aaron Hernandez may be about to disappear from the public view for a long time if he’s convicted of first-degree murder charges, but his face will likely linger on in social media. Images of Hernandez’s arrest have already sparked a new Twitter meme: Hernandezing.

Much like Patriot’s quarterback Tim Tebow, whose predilection for kneeling  in prayer before games led to the trend “Tebowing,” Hernandez’s unusual pose during his arrest has ignited a wave of copycats. During his arrest for the murder of Odin Lloyd, the boyfriend of his fiancée’s sister, Hernandez was photographed wearing a white T-shirt with his arms tucked in the sides instead of the sleeves.

Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, is reportedly at the center of the homicide investigation and is expected to be called as a witness. Jenkins and Hernandez have reportedly been dating since 2007, and Jenkins gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Avielle Janelle last November. According to state law in Massachusetts, if the couple married before Hernandez’s trial, Jenkins would not have to testify.

Imitators of the footballer’s perp walk have run the gamut from adults, to teens, and even to infants. The blog SportsGrid even provided a detailed guide to ‘Hernandezing,’ that specified that participants could not smile, and would receive “Extra credit for being met at the door by your friends, and then being led out and loaded into a car.”