Abby Lee Miller’s students brought her home a big win on last week’s “Dance Moms,” despite choreographing their own routine, but placing first didn’t result in a warm congratulations from their coach. Abby shared her true thoughts on the matter during Tuesday’s Season 6 installment on Lifetime.

In episode 27, “Mini Mayhem,” the elite junior team began working on their weekly group number ahead of pyramid without the guidance of Abby. The girls commented how nice it was to be able to help create their contemporary piece with assistance from Abby’s co-choreographer Gianna Martello.

While Abby acknowledged the elites did well with their previous dance during pyramid and said she was proud of them, she also commented they’re trained “to the point” where they should be able to choreograph a dance quickly. She went on to reveal the title of the elite’s new group number, “The End of the Road,” saying it may mean it’s their “end of the road” or hers.

During rehearsals, Holly Frazier mentioned Abby was aware the girls had a say in this week’s choreography and that may backfire on them. “Abby doesn’t like anyone doing something without Abby being in charge of it from the very beginning,” Holly explained. After being shown correcting the girls’ mistakes during practice, and the moms mentioning it was clear she was bringing down the group’s morale, Abby spoke her mind on the situation to the cameras.

“I don’t know if this is really the end of the road for the junior elite competition team but they’re getting older and taking me for granted,” Abby said. “After last week I think the girls are getting a little too big for their britches. They think that getting out on stage and ‘choreographing the number’ was this big deal but let’s face it, while you dance for me and for part of this team, it’s not a democracy. I’m in charge. It’s my thing. And if you don't want to play my way, then this is the end of the road for you.”

Ahead of their competition, Abby reminded the girls to keep up with their technique and to be aware there were other great dancers at the competition. While the moms loved the number, the judges didn’t agree and gave the girls fifth-place, a rarity among the elites.

After awards, the elite dancers made it known they were happy to have at least lost to other great dancers, but Abby had a different point of view. Abby told her older students she thought they looked “beautiful” onstage but advised them to continue pushing their technical training.

“They got beat at their own game because the overall high score was not the Abby Lee Dance Company,” Abby told the cameras. “It was because the choreography was not what you put on the stage at a dance competition and that’s where they got a little too big for their britches and they didn’t remember ‘You know what? Maybe I'm getting in over my head.’ Maybe to leave it in my hands.”