Dance Moms
Are the elite team dancers bullies? Abby Lee Miller’s students were accused of being “rude” in episode 26. (From left) JoJo Siwa, Nia Sioux, Kalani Hilliker and Kendall Vertes attend Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards on March 28, 2015 in Inglewood, California. Getty Images

Abby Lee Miller continued to split her time with the elite junior and mini team on Tuesday’s “Dance Moms” and her decision did not sit too well with some of the moms. After a tense week of practice at the ALDC, the moms went to blows during the competition in Arizona in Season 6, episode 26 of the Lifetime series.

“Mommy Meltdown” started off with Abby announcing she was placing both the mini and elite dancers on the same pyramid. After the decision caused drama between the teams, she continued to create tension by gifting her younger performers a lyrical dance in tribute to her late mother. Her longtime students, on the other hand, were given a comical number titled “Sun City, AZ.” With walkers as props, Abby told her elites they would be doing a entertaining theatrical piece playing senior citizens, which immediately upset their mothers.

Confronting Abby in studio, the elite moms told Abby their daughters would not be competing the routine, calling it offensive to those with handicaps. Kira Girard, Kalani Hilliker’s mother, added she wasn’t comfortable with her daughter returning to her home state to compete in what appeared to be an unwinnable number. With the moms pulling the dance, Abby left the girls to their own devices by telling them to improve onstage, but the moms weren’t satisfied.

After the mini moms accused the elite team moms of pulling their group’s number due to them being intimidated by their lyrical piece, the elite junior team choreographed their own last-minute number in the hotel with the help of Abby’s assistant choreographer Gianna Martello.

At the competition, the mini moms commented they could feel the “tension” between Abby’s two groups. Still wanting to support the older girls, the minis and their moms went into the elite team’s dressing room ahead of their competing duets, but their arrival wasn’t given a big response.

Shortly after their arrival, Kalani and Brynn Rumfallo stepped out to compete their snake-inspired number, while Nia Sioux and Kendall Vertes rehearsed their duet in the background. Despite their brief visit, both Nia and Kalani told the minis they looked pretty in their costumes.

After watching the duets from the audience, the mini moms decided to confront the elite moms backstage. Leading the pack newcomer Stacey Ketchman accused the elite girls of being “rude” to her daughter Lilliana after years of “idolizing” them. Jill Vertes and Kira stormed away to their dressing room after hearing the accusations their kids were being “mean” to the younger dancers, and the mini moms followed.

“You guys are belittling our children. You’re all disgusting,” Kira complained, telling Stacey she was going to destroy her medical practice with her actions on the show. “You’re ruining your practice right now. Get a brain!” she said. After repeatedly asking the moms to “kindly” leave their dressing room, and them refusing to do so, Kira pushed Stacey and Tiffanie Oladi to the side to exit the premises. Kerri Evans defended her fellow dance moms, yelling at Kira that she’s a “role model” and should act as such.

At the awards ceremony, Abby’s two duets placed second (Kalani and Brynn) and third (Nia and Kendall) with her mini team coming out with a big first-place win. Abby’s elite team also took home the first-place prize in their division with their renamed number “Why Wait?” The girls made sure to comment onstage they were responsible for the winning piece during their acceptance speech.

Back in the dressing room after awards things were far less cheerful. Jill said the new group was “out for self” and merely wanted fame, while Holly Frazier shared with Abby that the new team had said “disparaging” remarks about their children. “Their intent is to take our girls down,” Holly stated. Kira agreed, telling Abby she gave the minis “power” by spending so much time on their group dance.

The elite moms went on to ask Abby if their daughters’ characters had even been criticized by visitors before and she confirmed they had not. Abby told the cameras it was clear the moms were giving her an ultimatum and they should be careful what they wish for.