Dutch bank ABN AMRO's new owners voted Royal Bank of Scotland executive Mark Fisher as the Dutch bank's chief executive at a shareholder's meeting on Thursday, the lender said.

At an extraordinary shareholder's meeting, where the consortium of RBS, Fortis and Santander own nearly all of ABN's shares, the banks also appointed new supervisory board members and other top management as they begin the process of breaking up the bank among themselves.

Fisher's formal title is chairman of the management board of ABN, the executive officers of the bank, and he is replacing Rijkman Groenink, who resigned from ABN after it was taken over by the consortium.

The CEOs from the consortium's three banks -- Fortis' Jean-Paul Votron, RBS's Fred Goodwin and Santander's Juan Inciarte -- joined ABN's supervisory board, which acts as the lender's board of directors.

Fisher, 47, emerged as one of the architects of RBS's successful integration of National Westminster and was head of information technology, back-office services and purchasing at RBS.