A roughly 100-foot-long chartered boat called the Erik, carrying 44 tourists mostly Americans on board, capsized off Mexico's Baja California peninsula after it was struck by an electrical storm on Sunday.

The accident occurred off Punta Bufeo, near Puertecitos, 87 miles (140 kilometers) south of the northern city of San Felipe, on the Baja California peninsula, Fox News said.

Mexican and U.S. officials offered slightly different figures for how many people were on board. One person was drowned and six others are still missing, authorities told Associated Press on Monday.

The boat was carrying 43 people, including 27 Americans. 37 people have been accounted for, including all the Americans, but six people are missing, Petty Officer Pamela Boehland of the U.S. Coast Guard told CNN.

However, San Felipe Naval Commander Jorge Bustos told CNN that the boat had 44 people on board, of whom 36 have been found -- and one is dead, while seven are still missing.

The boat was operated by the tourism company Baja Fishing. The tourist ship left the port of San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez, a haven for windsurfers and sports fishermen, on Saturday but was struck by an electrical storm and capsized the next day, port officials and the navy told Reuters.

The boat was found 87 miles south of San Filipe, Mexico, in the Sea of Cortez, an area usually known for its scuba diving and sport fishing, according to AP. The U.S. Coast Guard launched a helicopter from San Diego, California to help search for the missing.

We are still looking for the rest of the people. Weather conditions were normal when the boat set sail on Saturday. The weather is really bad right now, with strong wind, local port official Felipe Vallecillo told Reuters.